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Namak Issk Ka 27th May 2021 Yug comes home and is drunk. Saroj is stunned and says you drank? Yug says I wish I wake up and get to know that the family didn’t divide. Saroj says we did everything for your future. Yug says then why do I feel pain? Saroj says go to your wife and your pain will go away. Iravati comes there and says can I take your suitcase Saroj? If I knew I would have to leave my own house then I would have done preparations. Saroj says sure. Yug leaves from there. Saroj says you came on the right time. Iravati says I never miss my mark. Saroj says let’s see how wounded Kahani will be.

Yug stumbles in his room. Kahani rushes to him and says you are drunk. Yug says look at you, you easily divided my family. Kahani says I did everything because Maa asked me to. Yug says you are crying? What do you need? My trust? I gave it to you and my heart also but you started playing with it, play as much as you want. He looks at her atire and says this is Maa’s saree. Kahani cries and says Maa gave it to me, she has fully accepted me like we wanted. Yug says you are wearing Ma’s bangle, she kept it so she could give it to her intelligent daughter in law, she gave you the certificate of a smart daughter in law and a pretty wife. He claps for her and says let’s bring more audience for you. He drags in her in the lounge and calls everyone there. Dadi asks what’s the trouble now? Yug says I want to make you all meet someone. Meet my destruction. He points at Kahani and says she is my destruction, she can act like a lover or a daughter in law to finish everything. Look at her closely, if you see her somewhere then change your path before she does what she did with me. Saroj asks him to not misbehave. Yug says she did everything so I can’t even misbehave? She looks pretty but it’s her attitude which I will break. He asks Kahani to take off his mother’s bangle. Kahani cries and holds his hand, she says please Yug babu. Yug says you have taken so much from me so at least give this back. Saroj says no Kahani. Kahani cries and gives the bangle to Yug. Saroj smirks. He asks Kahani to take off her earrings as your beauty fool people. Saroj asks him to not create a scene. Yug says she has made fun of my life so I can at least do this. Kahani takes off her earrings. Yug asks Kahani to take off the necklace as she doesn’t deserve this respect. Ravi folds his hands and pleads Yug. Yug says I won’t stop today. Iravati tells Ravi that the division of the house is done so we can’t talk about their matters. Yug tells Kahani that I thought I will marry you and make you daughter-in-law of this but I forgot that a stone can’t turn into a diamond. You have shown your standard (aukat), the honorable families’ jewels show their respect and honor which a dancer can’t have. Take off all the jewelry. Kahani cries and says you want jewelry? She takes off every item and gives it to him. Kahani says I don’t need anything, she runs from there. Iravati smirks at Saroj. Yug tells the family that the drama is done, you all can leave. Saroj rushes to Kahani. All leave.

Kahani runs to her room and cries. Saroj sees it and smirks. She goes to her, Kahani hugs her and weeps. Saroj says don’t cry like this, don’t worry, I understand how Yug is hurting you but you know he fights like this but he will forget everything in the morning. Trust your love and me. I will make everything fine.

Scene 2
Gunjan is eyeing Yug. He asks what? Gunjan says I am trying to understand how you did what you did with Kahani. If someone loves a person then how can he do that with her? Yug says what Kahani did can’t be done by others too. She took away my family and my childhood. People say that you can understand each other’s silence in love but we can’t even understand each other’s words. I am even doubting if what’s between us is even love. Gunjan says your drunk state is saying all this, your anger will be gone when you are sober. You liked me first and hated Kahani but then you started fighting for Kahani. Now you are hating Kahani again, what’s the guarantee that you will start loving her tomorrow morning? Yug says what are you saying? Gunjan says to grow a spine. That’s the truth, I will see you roaming around Kahani tomorrow, you change your decisions on a daily basis, start following your decisions so it makes our lives easier. She leaves from there.

Gunjan comes to Iravati and Saroj. She says work is done. Saroj says Kahani won’t be spared now.

In the morning, Saroj takes breakfast. Juhi says you could have called Dolly. Saroj says I am taking this for Yug and Kahani, she leaves. Juhi says don’t know what happened to her. Dadi says she has lost her mind, you should just accept Kahani as your sister-in-law. Juhi says sister in law my foot.

Saroj comes to Kahani’s room and sees her sleeping on the couch. She wakes her up and says I have brought breakfast. Kahani says you didn’t need to, Saroj says when you will become a mother then you will a mother’s worry. Get ready and give breakfast to Yug also, he sleeping on the couch outside. Kahani recalls what happened yesterday and says he was angry yesterday, he must be miffed. Saroj says fights happen between husband and wife but remember he never left you, he had to bear a headache but stayed with you so can’t you bear his anger? Just take tea and make him drink with your hands. His anger will fade away. Kahani says but what if he says something in anger.. Saroj says when the storm is passing then you have to hold on to your bases, till Iravati leaves the house, we have to be careful. When Iravati leaves and Yug sees us happy then he won’t be angry anymore. She gives tea to her for Yug, Kahani leaves. Iravati hides and thinks Saroj has done the trick against Kahani.

Ronak is making his hair but Dadi comes there and says Iravati hasn’t started packing yet. Ronak says what? Dadi says yes, she is not doing anything. He goes with her.

Kahani brings tea for Yug who is sleeping on the couch. She recalls how he insulted her. She sits in front of him and wakes him up. She caresses his forehead and kisses it. Yug wakes up. Kahani says good morning, he says good morning. Kahani gives tea to him. Yug takes it and says I am sorry about yesterday. Kahani smiles and says it’s okay, have tea. Yug drinks it. Dadi and Ronak come there and see them together.

Gunjan tells Iravati and Saroj that Yug is having tea with Kahani, I taunted him yesterday so he would be angry with her but he is not doing anything. Iravati asks if our trick failed? Saroj says don’t worry, I will talk to Kahani.

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