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Namak Issk Ka 30th April 2021 Ronak asks Yug and Kahani to tell them what happened yesterday? Saroj asks where were they? Kahani says wait a minute, Yug is already very worried, let him have some peace. I will take him outside then you can question him later on. She asks him to come with her. Yug says no, first you need to apply ointment. Kahani says we will find a doctor outside. She starts taking him out but Gunjan says which right you have to take him out? Why will he go out with you? Kahani says you can ask all questions from Iravati, she will be able to answer you. Dadi says don’t be a goon after you kidnapped Yug. Kahani says I don’t do cheap acts like that, right Iravati? Ronak asks Iravati why she is silent? Kahani says she knows everything now that’s why, she will tell everything when she thinks is the right time. She takes Yug from there. Gunjan asks Iravati where did she find Yug? Dolly asks what is happening in this house? Saroj asks Iravati to talk. Iravati says Yug is back so you all should do your work, she leaves from there. Gunjan asks Gunjan to go behind them.

Yug tells Kahani that we were about to leave the house then why didn’t we? Kahani says you were missing from yesterday. Someone used her powers to kidnap you. Rani and Kaki come there. Rani says you know Iravti did all that, Kahani fought with her that’s why she got hurt. Kahani tells everything to Yug, how he was kidnapped in a bottle by Iravati and then how Kahani had to fight her.

Gunjan is crying and tells Saroj what is happening? Kahani kidnapped Yug and then she took him away right now. Ravi thinks what if Kahani got to know about Iravti’s evil powers? Her wrong time has started.

Iravati says to herself what if Kahani tells everything to Yug? No, he wouldn’t believe her, he doesn’t believe in all this, he believes in science, nothing will happen.

Kahani tells Yug that Iravati has evil powers. Yug says how can you say all that, I don’t trust these things. You know Iravati used to take care of me, even if she has evil powers, she wouldn’t hurt me. The priest comes there and says look at this bottle glass piece. Yug recalls the bottle. Kahani tells Yug that I blamed you for trying to kill me before also. Kaki tells Yug that Iravati wanted to kill Kahani but she used her wedding ashes to defeat Iravati. Kahani tells Yug that Iravati has become a danger for your family. Yug says I will talk to her. Kahani says no, she wouldn’t accept it. Yug says I can’t be silent now. He leaves from there. Kaki tells Kahani to be with Yug, I am like your mother so if you need me again then come to me.

Scene 2
Yug comes into the house and shouts for Iravati. All family members come there. Yug says I want to talk to Iravati. Iravati says Kahani must have told him everything. Kahani comes there and says your truth is out, go to him. Iravati comes into the lounge. Yug glares at her and asks who kidnapped me and how did Kahani get hurt? Tell everyone what you did with my love and trust for you. Iravati says you can tell everything. Yug tells the family that I was kidnapped by Iravati, she has powers to make anyone her puppet, she used her evil powers to kidnap me, Kahani fought with her and saved me. Iravati acts emotionally and tells Saroj that Yug used to be so good in science but now he has become a puppet of this dancer. This dancer is using evil powers to trap Yug. Yug says don’t hide your truth. Iravati says you have hidden the truth. Dadi says what truth? Iravati says Yug has married Kahani and Saroj knows it. All are stunned. Ronak says this is cheating with Gunjan. Iravati says Yug used to love Gunjan then how did he marry this dancer? She asks Saroj to speak up. Saroj says yes they both got married by hiding from others. Gunjan asks Yug how could he do it? Tell me they are lying, I love you. Yug says but I love Kahani. All are shocked. Gunjan is stunned. Yug goes and holds Kahani’s hand. He says I am sorry Gunjan but I love Kahani and I can’t live without her. I wanted to tell you all. He tells Saroj that you asked me to leave the house with Kahani. I was leaving with Kahani yesterday silently but today I will leave proudly. He touches her feet and says I am leaving this house forever. Saroj looks away from him. Yug says let’s go Kahani. Rupa says you can’t leave the house like this. Yug says take care of yourself. He tells the family that I am telling the truth about Iravati. He takes Kahani from there.

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