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Namak Issk Ka 30th July 2021 Satya brings juice for everyone. She gives it to Iravati and Gunjan. They all cut the cake together.

Iravati comes to Satya and is drunk. She says your mind works like me only. Gunjan comes there and says I want you to drink juice also. Satya says I don’t want to. Gunjan and Iravati force her to drink it. All family members get inebriated and start dancing. Ronak tries to dance with Rupa but she gets angry and slaps him. He laughs and keeps dancing. Satya runs from there. Yug goes behind her.

In the morning, Satya wakes up and says why do I have a headache? She sees Yug sleeping on the bed beside her? Satya says I have to go to my mom, my mind stops working when he is around. She pulls a pillow closer to him and moves away.

Kahani is in the basement and thinks I have to mee Yug at any cost. She sees a metal piece lying there and gets an idea.

Satya comes to the hospital. She enters her mother’s room but Iravati is there. Satya asks where is my mother? Her mother comes there and says why are you wearing mangalsutra? What is going on? Iravati says it’s time for her X-ray. She starts taking her mom from there and says I have to get her to meet the family members. Satya sees Yug and Rupa coming there. Satya starts singing a song in front of her mother. Rupa asks what are you doing? Satya keeps singing and giving her mother a hint. Yug asks what is going on Kahani? Satya says I was waiting for you people to arrive, then I met her. Yug says who is she? Satya says she is a cancer patient, she doesn’t have anyone so I was giving her company. She asks the nurse to take her away. Her mother nods and leaves. Iravati glares at her. Satya thinks she can’t trap me so easily.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Lucky’s reports and says we will need a donor for the transplant. Someone has to die for him to get a donor. Satya says I hope someone dies soon. Yug says stop it. The doctor says I will inform you all when we have a donor.

Satya, Rupa, Iravati and Yug come home. Iravati gets down from the car but a thief snatches her purse and runs away. Yug runs behind him but a man enters there and catches the thief. All look on. Yug asks the thief to not steal again and asks him to leave. He leaves. Yug thanks the guy. The guy introduces himself as Karan Sinha. Satya says you grabbed the thief like a hero. Iravati thanks Karan. Yug asks him to come inside and have tea.

All family members meet Karan. Gunjan brings tea for him and thanks him. Ronak says bring something healthy for him. Gunjan smiles at Karan. Karan says I am here to do acting. I am from Punjab. Yug says I am a producer so you are at the right place. Karan gets excited. Rupa takes Kahani aside and says I think Karan like Gunjan. We should find out about his family. Satya says that’s a good idea. Satya thinks Rupa is so innocent, I knew she would think that that’s why I called him here. Satya sees Iravati smiling towards Karan and thinks she would be crying at her daughter’s wedding soon.

Satya comes into her room and sees Yug working out. She gets mesmerized. He asks what happened? Satya says I came to show you something. She shows him Karan’s audition video. Satya says will give you him a chance in your movie? His talent should be appreciated. Yug says if you are requesting this much so how can I say no? Satya says thank you. Yug pulls her closer and kisses her cheek. Satya thinks he will melt my heart. She tries to run but Yug stops her and says I am leaving you right now but not later on. Satya blushes. She thinks he is Kahani’s husband and not mine.

Rupa brings Gunjan to her room and shows her dresses. Gunjan says why all this? Rupa says I just wanted to gift you. Gunjan hugs her. Satya sees them and thinks I am not cheap like Iravati. I will take Kahani and my revenge by getting her married and not by breaking someone’s relationship.

Kahani is in the basement and says I don’t know how is Yug, if he even remembers me? Iravati comes there with food. Kahani says how are you? Iravati says you can recognize me without even looking at me? Kahani says I recognize a dancer. Iravati says I am not a dancer anymore, I make people dance to my tunes now. Kahani says time can change suddenly. Iravati says you are talking too much today. Kahani says I know very well that you have kept me alive because you need me still. Iravati says my mood can change and I can kill you. Kahani says I just want to pray to God so can you send Bholenath’s photo? Iravati says consider it as your last wish, I will send it. Kahani thinks now Bholenath will be with me.

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