Namak Issk Ka 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Namak Issk Ka 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namak Issk Ka 7th July 2021 Kahani looks at her sister Satya’s childhood photos and cries. She says this is my sister, she looks just like me. She looks at Iravati’s photos and says I won’t spare you for doing all this, you have burned my family’s happiness so now you will burn in those ashes. I won’t spare you now. She opens a letter and says it’s Nishikant’s letter.

Ronak and Rupa come back home. All are happy to see him. Saroj does her aarti and brings him inside. Dadi says my grandson is back. Iravati says Ronak had to bear this pain because of that girl. Rupa says he is back so when is my sister Kahani coming back? Saroj says you brought Ronak back and not Kahani. Juhi says she didn’t even care about Yug. Iravati thinks where is Kahani?

Kahani reads Yug’s father’s letter. It says that Ravi you shouldn’t be trapped by Iravati. Your family Meera, Kahani and Satya are your responsibility, you should not leave them like this. Bisham you should make a will for them and make their lives secure. Kahani says it means Iravati is behind all this, she did something for Nishikant, he was worried about his friend’s family so he can’t leave his own family stranded. My mother was not another woman but a legal wife of Ravi. I will tell all this to Yug. Saroj would be happy to know the truth. I will meet Rupa first.

Ronak says I liked milky white so much but she did wrong with me. Iravati comes there and says she made fun of you, you are my son-in-law so make me proud. Ronak says she thinks Rupa is going to meet her but now I am going to play with her. I will not spare her. Saroj comes there and asks what happened? Ronak says I was insulted in the whole city and you are not worried? Saroj says don’t scream at me. Ronak says I am going crazy so I will take my anger out somewhere. Iravati says you will make Saroj cry too? Saroj says what should I do to take your anger away? Ronak says don’t do anything, a dancer took away our father and this dancer wanted to take away your son so I am pleading with you to not stop me from doing anything I want now. Saroj says I won’t stop you, do anything you want.

Ravi tells Bisham that Iravati can do anything with Meera and Satya but you still asked for proof? Bisham says at least I am not helpless like you. Ravi says it’s my reality and I don’t have the strength to fight her. Bisham says I know what Iravati is capable of but it’s time to show her we can end all this. Ravi says how? what can I do? Bisham says Kahani’s father has cheated her, she must be so hurt.

Rupa comes to Yug and asks if he is feeling fine now? Yug asks where is Kahani? Maa threw her out of the house. I will go and find her. Rupa says don’t worry, Ronak is back so Kahani will be back. Yug says my brother did so wrong with you but you brought him back? Rupa says Kahani has done so much for me so I will bring her back.

Kahani comes to the park and waits for Rupa. She calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Kahani says she must be on the way. I will give these letters to her, I will tell the truth to Yug. I can talk to Saroj first.

Saroj says I won’t let that Kahani come back to this house. Kahani calls her. Saroj says don’t cry but I am not going to melt. Kahani says you kept waiting for your husband, you kept the hope that he didn’t leave you for someone else. Your prayers are going to pay off now. Saroj says what? Ronak takes Kahani’s phone and ends the call. Saroj says Kahani? Kahani asks Ronak how did you get out of the jail? Ronak says because of you. Kahani says give me my phone, he throws it in a ditch. Ronak says I was waiting to meet you. Saroj calls Kahani and recalls Ronak’s words. She calls him but he doesn’t take the call. Saroj gets worried and holds her mangalsutra. She says what does she know about my husband? Yug and Rupa come to Saroj. He asks why do you look worried? You didn’t call Kahani? Ronak is back now.

Bisham tells Ravi that you have to be brave now. Iravati brings a photo of Meera and Satya (Kahani’s photo). Ravi says my family is alive. He pleads Iravati to make him meet them. Iravati says I didn’t show this photo for you to cry over. Bisham nods and brings the property papers. Iravati smirks and says the time has come. She signs the papers but Ravi gets dizzy and mistakenly pours ink on the papers.


Namak Issk Ka 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ronak has kidnapped Kahani and mishandles her. He says now I will do the deed with you. He tries to molest her. Kahani cries.


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