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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 15th September 2020 Subhash Chandra Bose is seen lifted by his followers. Voice over describes how become Subhash Chandra Bose by his revolutionary slogans and fight against Britishers. It describes how Rabindranath Tagore organized rakhi celebration to unite Indians of all religion. When Kranti was at its peak, how Bamkin Chandra Chatterjee’s slogan Vande Mataram created revolution. Krantikaris continue their revolution shaking British’s roots. Moving forward to 1907 where British manufatured goods are burnt in favor of Swadesi goods during Bengal’s partition. Sri Barindranath Ghosh, Bhupendra Nath Datta, and Sri Arvind Ghosh take oath to get complete freedom. Barin digs ground. Arvind asks him to dig soon silently. They hear gunshot wounds. Arvind says they don’t have much time and should finish task and leave. Barin gets guns from ground, and they both leave. Bhupen carves space for gun in books and hides guns in books. Arvind says they will distribute weapons among all krantikaris and continue their revolution, asks who will take these weapons. Barin says Ananth. Bhupen asks if he has seen Ananth. Barin sasy no, but heard he is a good man. Arvind says if police comes here searching Ananth, they will be in trouble. Someone knocks door. Arvind picks his gun and asks who is it. Ananth gives his clue. Barin says Ananth came and opens door. Ananth walks in with Anupama and describes themselves. He says he got a letter from senior krantikari. Arvind reads letter and says Anupama will carry weapons to Cuttack, but is it safe if a woman carries weapon. Anupama says Ananth will go first, then she will go next and will stay at her brother-in-law’s house. Barin asks Ananth if he knows Arvind. Ananth realizes Arvind is Barin’s elder brother and touching his feet apologizes for speaking extra in front of him. Arvind says they are mother Bharath’s sons and are on a mission to break shackles from her feet and free her. They take oath to free Bharath maa soon.

Voicer then describes about Subhash Chandra Bose. A young boy Subhash is introduced. Subhash gets up from his bed and gets ready for school. He tries to tie his shoe lace. Maid Manoda walks in with milk and asks if she should try. He says he will do it himself. She asks him to finish milk glass, then she will tell him what his Choto Mama/uncle (who is of same age) says. He says good boy. She says that is specialty of studying in English school and says she is getting late for other household chores. She gives him 1 anna given by his mother and asks not to donate it to poor. She washes his hands and gives him milk glass to finish. Subhash then walks to his mother who is feeding her baby. Maid informs that Subi baba has come. Subhash touches his mother’s feet and says baby brother is looking cute today. Mother asks if Manoda gave him 1 anna and reminds him that his father and she have a lot of hopes on him, asks him to go to school carefully. He walks out and seeing his father touches his feet. Father asks if he took all his books and reminds that he has to come first in class always and should walk start fearlessly. Subhash nods yes and leaves. He gets into chariot and asks his Choto mama where is servant Abdul Chacha. Abdul hurriedly rushes to chariot while Manoda scolds him for being late. Chariot passes by a bunch of krantikaris who walk singing Vande Mataram followed by a song holding hoardings. He sees Ananth dada among karntikaris and asks choto mama if it was Ananth dada, asks Abdul to stop chariot. Abdul says he can’t. Choto mama asks Subhash to not pay attention to all this and think of coming first in class. Subhash says he comes first in studies, but in sports Charles comes first, he wants to overtake him soon.

Britishers see Krantikaris walking singing Vande Mataram and discuss to finish them. Indian officer Mukund supports British officer and says they shouldn’t wait and finish them soon. British officer says he got order to punish them softly if they boycott British goods. They catch a few krantikaris and tying them lash them. Krantikari scolds Indian officer for betraying his mother land. Subhash gets out of his chariot and walks along Krantikaris. Choto mama gets tensed and informs Abdul. They both stop Subhash and take him back to chariot.

Subhash reaches school, but stops outside. Choto mama asks him to get in soon, else he will get punished for coming late. Choto takes them to backdoor and drops them. Choto mama sees principal and walks to him. Principal greets children and asks them to assemble soon as he has special announcement for them. He informs about forming a special corps team. Subhash says they will be trained like police with rifles, etc. Principal says it is for British and Anglo Indian students as only they can carry rifles. Subhash tells his friend Mohan that at least they would have taken Mohan as he is No 1 in sports. Mohan says he has accompanied his father for hunting where his father hunted a lion. Charles laughs that Indians don’t even know to hold weapon, they are cowards. Subhash warns him to mind his language and don’t underestimate Indians.


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