Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 30th September 2020 Sarath tries to explain Janakinath what had exactly happened in Mela Maidan. Janakinath stops him and says he wants to hear form Subhi. Subhi reminisces Sarath suggesting him not to be afraid and reveal why he threw dust on Richardson. He informs Janakinath that Richardson’s horse was about to stampede Abdul chacha, so he had to throw dust on Richardson to save Abdul chacha. He thinks baba will scold him. Janakinath asks Subhi to wait outside and walks into principal Mr. Young’s room with Sarath. He greets Mrs and Mrs. Young and apologizes for bringing his son Sarath along uninvited who is his ex-student. Mr. Young says he knows. Richardson shouts to call Subhash and restricate him. Janakinath says Subhash was provoked to visit Mela Maidan. Subhash enters. Richardson continues his demand, and his puppet Mukund backs him.

Mr. Young thinks if Subhah tells truth, he will be in trouble. Subhash reminisces Sarath suggesting to speak truth at any cost. Subhash says he was provoked by Richardson to reach Mela Maidan for a running race. Janakinath says he already told that Subhash was provoked by Charles and asks Mr. Young to call Richardon’s son Charles. Mukund says whatever the reason is, Subhash broke rules and attacked Richardson like a swadesi. Subhash says he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, he saw a horse trying to stampede Abdul chacha, so he threw dust to save him. Janakinath says it is proved that Subhash saved his family member and its not an offence. Richardson says he went against British and its a crime. Janakinath says then Charles should also be punished for breaking school rules and provoking Subhash for a running race when he knew about Maithri sabha in Mela Maidan, Rono and other students have justified about it. Richardson continues insisting to restricate Subhash. Janakinath says then Charles should also be restricated, he sent all his children to PE school because of its discipline, but when school is at fault, he will not file case against school, he just wants fair judgment.

Aurobindo Ghose meets his wife who is worried for him and says he is fighting for nation and she should support him, Ananth is his cousin and he will stay here until he gets well. Wife thinks she is worried for him, but his motto is much bigger. Ananth wakes up and says this is not sadhan. Barin says this is Aurobindo’s house. Ananth says he has to reach sadhan, else Aurobindo and other swadesis’ lives will be in danger. Barin asks him to calm down and goes to call Aurobindo.

Mr. Young says he will make Subhash and Charles compete in education and sports for scholarship and whoever wins will stay in school. Sarath says subhash cannot run. Subhash accepts challenge. Charles says Indians are weak and cannot run, he will win and prove British are superior. Subahs determines to win the race.


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