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Nima Denzongpa 11th July 2022 The driver says Mona and her sister asked him to do it. Mona says this Nima is planning all this. Virat is out of her hands so she’s trying to trap Alok. She’s a disgusting woman.

Alok slaps her and says shut up. I never imagined you can stoop so low. You’ve murdered Virat. Mona says no I didn’t do that. Priyal says but Virat is alive. Roy waits for Priyal. Priyal says see Virat is calling. Inspector says that’s Roy Kumar. We will arrest him too. Mona says Nima I didn’t do anything please trust me.

I know you don’t trust me. Nima says stop lying. I let everything go but I have proof now. Mona says someone is trapping me. I didn’t do anything. The police arrested Mona and Priyal. Roy comes outside. He hears the noise. He says I won’t leave this Nima and Alok.

Alok tells Nima police will find that Roy soon too. He says it’s all my fault. I am very sorry. We both lost our partners and family. Nima says I have hope he’s alive. He says me too. Alok says forgive me. I was a coward all my life in front of Mona. Nima says don’t say that. You’re my only support. Gulshan comes home.

She gives Nima and Alok prasad. She asks where is Virat? Nima says he’s in office. He asks about Mona. Alok says she went with Priyal to Dehli, she will drop her there. Gulshan says yeah she better leave her there. Nima says to Alok we can’t tell her. Alok says yes her condition won’t be good if she finds out about Virat.

Scene 2
Nima calls Sunita and tells her everything. She says I don’t know where Virat is. I know God has saved him as he saved me. She cries. Sunita tells her to have faith. Nima asks her not to tell Sia and Maniya. Shiv tells Sia Virat fired him.

Sia says what does he think of himself? To impress aai? Shiv says I can’t believe how he changed so much. Sia says I will talk to aai. Shiv says no don’t do that. We should try to move out of this city. Sia says I am with you. He hugs her and says thanks for your support.

Alok is asleep. Roy tries to suffocate him. Alok shoves him. He says what are you doing. Roy says don’t do this drama. Why says why did you deceive me. Alok says shut up Roy. I didn’t deceive you, I saved you.

Nima found out your reality. Your Virat drama didn’t work for long. He saw Nima looking at Roy’s card. Alok said I have to do something before Nima finds my truth as well. Alok says you were already caught, I knew Nijma would find out who is with you. So I made a plan. He saved Mona’s number as Malik is Roy’s phone.

He says then I won Nima’s trust as her brother and support. But then she told me that driver got caught. Alok said I have to do something with this driver. He went to that driver and bribed him to blame it all on Mona and Priyal and he will give his family a lot of money. Alok says Nima already doubted Mona.

My plan worked out. I am happy Mona left too, I can breathe now. Roy says you are such a demon, you sent your wife to jail and sent my Priyal too? He hits him. Alok says to stay within your limits. You are just a rental actor. I have given you enough money.

You are my pawn. He says Priyal is your problem, not mine. She is not part of my plan. No one can defeat Alok. Nima trusts me only now. It’s all about money. He gives Roy money and asks him to leave. Roy leaves.

Scene 3
Alok says to Nima I am going to the police station. Nima says to meet Mona? He says she’s not my wife anymore. She never respected this house. Nima says she’s Chinkey’s mother. Be careful. He says I’ve suffered enough. Chinkey will live without her. Police are looking for Roy. They’re looking for Virat.

I am going to meet our lawyer. Everything will be fine. He leaves. Alok comes outside. He says to get the papers ready. I am going to be there in 10 minutes.

I will rule now. Nima calls Alok. He doesn’t pick. Alok comes home and does rehearsals Virat is no more. Our Virat is gone. Alok comes home. He says our Virat. Virat comes and says your Virat is here. Nima is very happy and says our Virat Ji is back. Alok is shocked.

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