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Nima Denzongpa 13th June 2022 Nima reads the divorce paper. She’s shocked. She recalls Maniya’s behavior. Nima says there’s something wrong. Maniya is hiding something. Virat looks at Nima. He takes the paper. Nima is scared..

He says what is this? He says you could ask me.. Nima says I didn’t know either. He says you could ask me. She says I don’t know.. He says you could ask me for the samosa. Nima says oh yes. we will go out and eat. Virat says you mean a date? Nima leaves.

Sunita checks Varun’s wallet. He says this is my personal stuff. She says this is my house. Where does your money go? He says I am an adult now. she says then stop taking money from me. No more pocket money.

Stop wasting money on that fat girl. Varun says how do you know she’s fat. She says because of you’re sad. Sia says I am getting my passport made. I am going to Dubai to look for Shiv.

Sunita says how do I tell her Shiv isn’t there. Nima comes to Maniya. She asks are you free? Maniya says yes. Nima massages her hair. Maniya says I wish I remained young. Growing up doesn’t give us happiness.

Nima says is something bothering you? Maniya says no. Nima says you’re so lucky you’ve such a nice husband. Virat is like that too. He’s a big part of my life now. I feel alone. Everyone is busy in their lives. I should’ve said yes to Virat. Virat hears. Maniya recalls what Priyal said.

Nima says you’re my daughter but more like my friend. Virat is a very nice person. Everyone deserves a chance. He leaves. Maniya says you should rethink What you thought first could be right too. Nima says everyone should be given a chance. Maniya says but his family isn’t nice to you.

They will never accept you. Nima says I thought you wanted us to be together. Maniya says I was happy but now it’s better that you don’t get into this marriage. Nima says you don’t sound like you.

Why are you crying? What happened? Maniya says in her heart I should tell aai everything. Maniya says I wanna tell you something. Priyal comes in. Nima says can you come after 5 minutes? She says I was hungry, what if I die, this kid would die too. Maniya says Birla stay. She says to Nima we will talk later. Nima leaves.

Virat says Nima likes me too. What should I do? Propose to her. He writes on the tissue how much he loves her. He says writes I know you feel what I do but your mind says something else. Your heart has always shown you the right path.

It’s your right to be loved and happy in life. Make me the happiest person on earth by saying you love me as well. He puts it under her lamp. Nima comes to the room. Nima is worried. She drops to water and cleans it with that tissue paper. Virat says what did you do.. He says this tissue paper..

Krish comes and says let’s play ludo. Both say we don’t wanna play. Krish says Maniya isn’t playing either. She’s always weird around Birla. She doesn’t play with me. Nima says in her heart it’s related to Birla for sure. Virat says I had to sign those papers. Nima says Maniya took them, there were sme changes in it.

Nima says to Birla enough. I can’t tolerate it anymore. Nima comes in. Priyal says why didn’t you knock? Nima asks Maniya what happened? Is something bothering you. Nima says Birla was right. You should’ve knocked. We were talking about pregnancy. I am fine. Nima leaves. Nima says why she act so weird around Birla. Something is scaring her.

Scene 2
Virat records a song and sends it to Nima. Nima eats at the breakfast table. Virat says why is she not blushing? Gulshan says Virat you’ve sent me a voice message? She plays.. Virat sings in it. He deletes and says I was reading this poetry so I thought I should send it to Alok. Priyal says to Maniya stop their flirting or I will kill your child.

Maniya leaves the table. Nima notices her. Sunita calls aai. She says Sia is going to Dubai to find Shiv. He’s not there. He’s here. We can’t stop her. I don’t know what to do. He says I will find out the truth before Sia gets her passport.

Krish comes to Maniya and says Birla aunty is calling you. She’s angry. Should I tell maa? Maniya says no please don’t tell anyone. She goes there. Maniya comes and says Krish said you’re angry. What do you want now? Priyal please stop this drama. I will tell everyone the truth. Please stop this drama Priyal.

Nima takes off her veil. Maniya is shocked to see her. Nima says what’s happening Maniya? Tell me. Maniya says if she sees us we will be in big trouble. Nima says she won’t come. Krish keeps Priyal busy. Nima asked him to keep distracting Priyal. Krish starts crying. Priyal says okay I will play. Maniya says it will be a big problem. Nima says tell me exactly what’s happening.

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