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Nima Denzongpa 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 16th May 2022 Gulshan says you’re not even worth touching it. Nima hears it. She goes out. Sunita says I will get you a similar one from narami market. Mona says you think we get our stuff from that cheap market? Gulshan says do you even know its price? Sunita says looks expensive.

Must be 2k. Gulshan says it was for 25k. Can you pay for it? Sunita says 25k? I didn’t see. Gulshan says your Nima trapped my son, your granddaughters ran away and now you’re living in your ex DIL’s house? Sunita says Nima is my daughter. Gulshan says yeah because she lives in this big house? She’s a maid here too.

Nothing else. You also don’t forget your worth. Sunita says Virat called me otherwise I won’t have come at all. She says go and shower first. Wash your hair and throw this dirty stuff you brought out. Nima comes and says ma’am. Sunita says Nima stay there. Nima says we aren’t dirty. We wake up way earlier than you all to sget water to shower. our houses are small but not dirty. I will see who throws aai’s stuff out.

Virat is on his way. He calls on Nima’s number. A kid sells flowers. She says get it for your wife. Virat buys it thinking about Nima. He imagines giving it to Nima and her smiling. Mona says who are you threatening? You won’t listen to mom? Nima says I am saying be respectful to my aai. Sunita says it’s okay I will go.

Gulshan says pay for this. Mona says what about the dirt. Gulshan says clean the house. Mona says she won’t clean the house. Mona says isn’t Gulshan your DIL. Gulshan says ask your aai to clean. Priyal says it’s okay I can clean. Please don’t fight. She saw Virat coming. Gulshan says I’ve decided or leave the house.

Virat comes and says what’s happening here? And what’s this smell? Gulshan says can’t you see the dirt. She broke my vase and this smell.. Virat says smell can come outside and this vase was hardly 500 rupees. Why do you keep insulting people. Nima says this isn’t right. Apologize, please. Gulshan is shocked and angry.

Gulshan says I won’t apologize to anyone. Nima says to Virat apologize to your mom. You can’t talk to her like that. He says she misbehaved with aai for that cheap vase. Nima says she might have some memories associated with it. She’s also a mother. Virat says sorry mummy but see how you were talking.

We can’t talk to guests like that. Gulshan says I didn’t intend to insult anyone. He says thanks. Virat says aai you should rest. She says no you’re back. I will go now. Virat says you can’t go like that. Sunita says I am not leaving in anger. I am sure you can take care of her. Virat says this is your house and you can come here whenever you want.

Virat drops Sunita. He says sorry aai. My family gets to petty at times but Nima never gets worried. Sunita says I understand. You’re always there for Nima. I was never a good MIL. I gave her a lot of pain but she forgot everything. She respects and loves me so much. I didn’t deserve it but she’s so nice and brave.

You take so much care of her. I am satisfied she will be happy with you. Virat says I will always keep her happy. Gulshan comes to nima. She says yes ma’am? Gulshan says keep sitting. She says use this balm. I get it from Jhalinder. It heals soon. Nima says thank you. Gulshan says I didn’t expect you would stand for me. It’s not easy for me to accept you for Virat. You could use Virt against me.

Nima says I lost my mom very early. I miss her every day but I respect every mother. Virat comes. Gulshan says I will send your and Nima’s tea. Nima and Virat smile. Virat says you did magic on her. She gave you her Jhalinder balm? She says I am sure she has a soft heart.

What are you hiding? He says I got you these flowers? but they’re dull now. I should throw them. She says I will decide what to do with them. I will keep them. She says can you bring Krish? I miss him. He says did you miss me? She says what? He says let me bring him.

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