Nima Denzongpa 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 17th August 2022 Sunita says what kind of joke is this? I am sure it’s a kid. Nima says this isn’t right. They go back in. Nima says I will throw it out. A woman tells Sunita she made such good food. Sunita says I like doing this.

We only know Sujata and you. The woman says Sujata and her family are weird. They don’t even let anyone in the house. We stay away from them. Her husband was very sick when they came here but they didn’t let anyone in their house.

Nima does arti. Manav hears her bhajan. He sees flashbacks again. Manav prays with her. He looks at Nima. Nima prays that she finds Virat soon. Nima falls. Manav holds her. Manav says you sing very well. Pandit Ji says you will find what you’re looking for soon. Pandit Ji gives them prasad. Manav coughs. He vomits.

Nima gives him water. She gives him anti-allergy because prasad had kesar. Nima says you are allergic to kesar. Sujata says how do you know? She says some people are allergic. Sujata says to stay away from him. He says she was only helping me. Stop doubting her all the time.

Scene 2
Nima buys groceries. The shopkeeper flirts with her. Nima shouts with him. Sunita comes to Sarita. She says we can be friends. She says you look like Sujata’s sister. She says don’t you make friends? Sarita says Sujata doesn’t like me meeting people. Sunita says why? What’s wrong? You should make friends. You can always come to me.

Sujata asks what are they talking about? Sunita says I just came to meet her. Sujata says I don’t like neighbors who interfere. Sunita says okay I will leave. Nima comes home in anger. Sunita comes in, she says Sujata doesn’t let anyone meet her mom.

She asked me to leave. Nima says something is wrong. People in their neighborhood are also weird. She tells her what the shopkeeper did. Sunita says let me teach him a lesson. Nima says let it be. Nima says but I am sure Manav is Virat.

Manav says why do I feel a bond and connection with Nima. A girl says sir you here? Why don’t you come to the office? He says I am an auto driver. Virat wonders who do they keep calling me.

Scene 3
Sujata serves food. Manav says why don’t you make a variety of food? She says how much money do you have? Sarita says Manav is right. Tushar says yes boring food every day. Sujata throws the food out.

Sarita says what’s wrong with her. Sujata breaks things in anger. Manav says don’t do this Sujata. She says you all were making fun of me. He says we weren’t doing that. I was just saying something. I don’t feel like home here.

Nima sees the teddy again in the house. She’s scared. sunita is scared too. The teddy says Nima you threw my gift out? I have another gift for you. A man comes in and says please forgive me.

The shopkeeper says I am sorry. He’s beaten. He says he will hit me again. I can’t talk to you. He leaves. Nima says who is doing this. Sunita says someone is after you. Sunita is scared.

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