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Nima Denzongpa 18th August 2022 Sujata cleans the food and says I am not angry. She says what happened? He says leave me alone. He says I am sorry if you mind. She says I am not mad. I am smiling see. He says a woman came to me and said sir to.

Why is this happening? She says there are people with similar faces. You’re my Manav. He says I don’t remember anything from the past. Can you show me?> She says our house got burned. Everything was burned there.

Nima asks Sunita to not worry. The door knocks, and Sunita gets scared. Nima opens the door. There are kids, they ask Nima to donate for pooja. Nima gives them money. The kids get happy. Manav presses his clothes.

Sujata says why are you doing this? He says I like wearing nice clothes. She says you’re a hero. You’re only mine. He says there is no one in my life. She comes close to him. He says what are you doing? She says it’s my right. Nima is asleep.

Someone touches her face with a feather. Nima gets scared. There is a man there in a mask. Nima screams. He says your aai is asleep. She will wake up tomorrow. You look so pretty. Nima tries to run. She says what do you want? He says you. Nima tries to run.

Virat looks for candles. He says we will need candles, let me go get them. He leaves. Sarita screams, she says I fell. Nima screams. Sunita tries to get up. The guy says you will do what I say.. Nima shoves him and runs.

She sees Manav and asks for help. The guy runs. Manav runs after him. He grabs the guy and says who are you.. The guy shoves him and runs. It was Tushar but Manav couldn’t see his face. Nima asks Manav are you okay? She says your hand is bleeding. Are you okay? She ties her dupatta to his hand.

He says don’t worry I am fine. He says the guy ran. Nima says he won’t do this again. Manav says I hope you’re okay. I know you miss your husband too. I hope you find him soon. I know your husband isn’t there but if you need anything you can let me know. I will handle it. Nima says thank you.

He says I didn’t know I was allergic to kesar. Your medicine helped me heal. Nima says maybe you knew and forgot. Sujata comes. Sujata says this is the candle you wanted? He says someone came to Nima’s place. She says why do you have to be a hero every time? He says it’s about a woman’s safety. I would expect that from all the neighbors. Sujata says what’s on your hand?

Scene 2
Tushar’s back hurts. He says your husband has hit me. I did this for you. I don’t like Nima. I got hit because of you. I was doing this so Manav doesn’t talk to her. Sujata says what should we do next? He says scare her so much that she runs away. but we can get caught.

Sunita wakes up. Her head hurts. Nima asks are you okay? She says my head hurts. Were you screaming? I was seeing a dream. Nima says it could’ve been a dream. She says yes. Sunita says my heart is sinking. Nima says we should go to a doctor. You’re not well. Let’s go. Sujata takes out her clothes.

Many ID cards fall. She sees them and hides them. Manav comes. She panics. Manav sees bruise on Tushar’s back. Sujata tries to hide the cards. Manav realizes it was him last night. Manad asks is this tank top yours? He is sleepy and says yes it’s mine.

Manav asks where were you last night? Tushar says with my friends. He goes to Sujata in anger. Sujata sits on the cards and pretends like she’s meditating. Manav says where was your brother last night?

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