Nima Denzongpa 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 19th November 2021 Nima tells Mania that Sia doesn’t want to see me right now. Mania says what is wrong with her? Nima says if she wants space then I will give it to her.

Suresh tells Sia that Nima is not coming here, she was very worried about you. Sia says she has her own rules. Suresh says she loves you a lot, you should think why she doesn’t trust anybody, I broke her trust. Sia says she kept us away from love. She didn’t want our hearts to break but she doesn’t understand that it is what’s breaking our hearts.

Suresh says she wanted to talk to Shiv, she waited to meet him whole all because she loves you a lot. Sia says she kept asking us to stay away from love but she is doing all this? I pushed Shiv away because of Ayi. Suresh says sometimes it’s good to move on from a person, I am with you so don’t worry. Sia hugs him and says I don’t want to talk to Ayi right now. Suresh says it’s okay, let’s go from here.

Paras calls Hemant and says I like Mania but other side is Mitali. Hemant says just be careful about what you do. Paras says I don’t like Mitali so I don’t want to spoil her life. If God didn’t want me with Mania then he wouldn’t make me meet her. I will talk to mom.

Nima is in her house and says Sia’s heart broke because of me. Mania says we thought you were strict but you didn’t force Sia to lie to Shiv. Nima says I couldn’t understand my daughter’s pain. Sarla says maybe their fates were not aligned, don’t beat yourself up. Suresh brings Sia there. Nima says I am really sorry. Sia goes to her room. Suresh asks her to leave her alone for some time. Nima says I can’t see her in pain. Suresh says don’t worry, I am with you. Nima hugs him and cries.

Tulika is worried about Suresh. He comes back, Sunita asks where did you go? Suresh says I have a headache, he goes from there. Tulika checks his phone but Suresh comes back and says you have no shame. You keep snooping in my business. Tulika asks what are you hiding? Suresh says I went to meet Sia, she called me, my daughter asked for something for the first time in life, she needed me so I didn’t do anything wrong going to meet her, he leaves from there. Sunita asks why would Sia want to meet him? There is something going on.

Suman talks to Paras and says you look tense, what is going on? Paras says I can’t do this marriage. Suman asks if this is a joke? Paras says no. Ginesh comes there and asks if something is wrong? Suman says the engagement. Ginesh asks what’s the issue? Suman says he wants to change his engagement clothes Ginesh says we have already paid for it, he takes Suman from there.

Sunita tells Tulika that Suresh is up to something, he talked back to his daughter. Tulika says he doesn’t care about us. Sunita says we have to find out what is going on. Tulika says this society knows all the gossip, I will get the news from women in the neighborhood tomorrow.

Nima is trying to sleep but can’t. She recalls her moments with Sia. Nima cries and opens the window. Mania sees her crying silently and hugs her. She asks her to sleep. Nima says I can’t sleep. She asks Mania if I am a good mother? Mania says don’t ever doubt it, you were a good mother and a father for us. Don’t ever doubt that. Nima says I am broken from inside, Sia turned away from me today. Now I feel what my parents must have gone through when I left them. Mania says Sia is your daughter, we should give her time and she will come back around. Nima looks on.

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