Nima Denzongpa 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 19th October 2021 Nima is on the call with Suresh and asks why did you let Tulika go away? Suresh says I am tired of her acts. Nima says she is your wife so bring her back and sort out your issues. Don’t waste your time and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Suresh says no one is like you in this world, you deserved the world but I couldn’t give it to you. Nima says don’t think about me, I am happy with my life. She looks through the window and asks him to take care of himself. Suresh smiles at her. Nima waves at him sadly and goes to sleep. Suresh looks on.

In the morning, Nima wakes up and sees Mania missing from the house. She says where did Mania go? She wakes Sia up and asks where is Mania? Sia says I don’t know, I will call her. Mania comes home and falls down. Nima asks what happened? Are you fine? Mania is huffing and says it’s difficult to be a model. I was working out so I got tired. Nima says you should have told me before leaving. Mania says I will have to diet from now on. Nima says you can clean the house for a workout.

Mania is trying to eat her diet food but starts eating homemade food that Nima made.

Suresh wakes up and gets ready for the job. Sunita says I didn’t get time to make lunch for you. Suresh says I will go and bring Tulika back today. He starts leaving but hears Tulika calling Varun and asking him to keep an eye on his father, she asks him to keep following him around. Suresh says wow.. I thought to bring her back but she can never change, I will bring her back when she changes her way.

Scene 2
Sia is working at her desk. Shiv asks if she talked to her mother? Did she say no? Maybe I can talk to her for you? Sia laughs and says she gave me permission. I was surprised. Shiv says I am excited that you are coming, he is about to hug her but they both stop. Sia says I gave your number to my Ayi just in case. Shiv says this workshop will be fun.

In college, Varun pleads with his professor to not fail him. Nari hides and hears all that. Varun cries and tells the professor that my mother is helpless so I have to work all day to help her. The professor says I can tell you are lying. Varun tries to bribe but he says I will take 25K to increase your attendance otherwise you will fail the exam. Varun says I will try. He comes out of the room to see Nari standing there. He says nobody should know about this. Nari says then don’t irritate me anymore.

Mania comes to Paras’ office. She enters Paras’ room to see him with his friend. He gets surprised seeing her. Mania says I just wanted to say hi, I will leave now. Paras says you can join us for lunch. Mania says no, I don’t want to disturb you. Paras says not at all, join us, please. Mania eats the food and says it’s delicious.

Paras’ friend leaves. Mania asks Paras about his girlfriend. Paras starts coughing. Mania brings water for him and finds her bracelet on his table. She says what is it doing with you? I lost it but it’s important for me. Paras says if you don’t mind then can I keep it? This is my lucky charm. Mania says if you like it then keep it, she gives it to him. Paras smiles shyly.

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