Nima Denzongpa 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 1st August 2022 Alok says it was written here I will kill you. Tulika wrote it. Tulika says there’s nothing here. Alok says it just disappeared. Suresh says please sit, I think you’re not well. He says I hear a woman screaming all night. Jiji didn’t hear anything. So many weird things are happening.

Is this because I am not drinking? Suresh says this looks like a ghost. Tulika says oh God. Suresh says I think that woman wants to take revenge. Alok says shut up. I don’t believe in all this. Suresh says but it’s real. Alok leaves. Nima says our plan is working. Alok comes in. Nima hides. Alok asks what’s happening here.

Why do you both always talk in this room? Was there another person too? Suresh says there was no one. He says I heard someone else talking too. He looks around. Tulika says no one is here. She says no one is here.

Alok looks around. He opens the closet. Nima comes out as Bindu. He says hello sir. He says I came to take my stuff and money. Alok says what are you doing inside the house? I know you had a bad eye on my wife. Tulika says to Nima he is very dangerous. Nima says we have to expose him. I will use his fear.

Scene 2
Alok sleeps. He hears Nima laugh. Alok gets scared. He says who is here? Lights spark. He says Jiji get up. She says let me sleep. Tulika says no one is here. Alok sees Nima in ghost attire. He screams and faints. Alok says this is a dream. It can’t be true. He looks around. No one is there. Alok gets scared. He sees Nima in bed,

she says blood for blood. Alok screams. He says who is she.. Nima says I will kill you. Tulika says Alok ji what are you saying? Suresh says what happened, sir? He says Nima.. Tulika says who Nima? Tulika says he’s lost it. There was no one here. He says I saw Nima myself. she was in bed too.

Suresh says you said you don’t believe in all this. Tulika says your heart would fail. She gives him a sleeping pill and says you need this. Tulika says come have food. Suresh says I cooked too. Tulika serves him. Alok’s spoon falls. he sees feet. He says there are feet under the table. Tulika says no one is there. He looks around no one is there.

Alok eats. Tulika says what’s this red thing on your shirt.. He screams blood. She says it must be ketchup. He says someone is there on the chair. Suresh says no one is there. Tulika says you have gone crazy. I am sitting on a chair. Alok says she’s behindyou. He screams. Suresh says I have an idea.

Let me take a photo. He takes a photo with Tulika. Nima doesn’t come in the photo. Suresh is scared. He keeps seeing Nima. Suresh says you said ghosts aren’t there. Tulika throws water on him and says be fresh, please. Aloko sees blood in his shampoo later. He sees Nima on TV. Alok screams.

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