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Nima Denzongpa 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 1st June 2022 Priyal comes in with face hidden. Maniya says this is Birla ji. She says I don’t talk to men. Paras says but.. Nima says it’s okay we will handle it. Someone calls Mona. She says Priyal?

Alok comes and says you won’t ever talk to Priyal again. She will never come to this house again. Nima offers Birla refreshments. Maniya is confused. She says to have it too. Nima says you take the veil off. She says I only take it off at home. Nima says we need to know each other. She says I heard how well you guys are.

Maniya says tell about yourself. She says I am two kids, and my husband lives in the village. I don’t drink or do anything bad. Nima says can you take off your veil once? Maniya says they can mind.

Nima says I feel something is weird. She says I can’t take off the veil. If you don’t trust me it’s okay. Nima says we trust your rituals. There’s no man in this room. It’s all locked. Nima says you can trust us no one is here.

Maniya says I told Paras, no one will come here. Priyal turns towards Nima. She says I feel like you don’t trust me. I am an honest woman. SHe takes off her veil. It’s someone else. She says are you okay now? I am in good health.

Nima says sorry we asked you to take it off. Birla says I need money fast. I have a couple of other cases too. She leaves. The girl comes out and meets Priyal. She says you told me everything at right time. Priyal was on a call with her. The girl says Nima was very skeptical.

Maniya says we have all the info. I want a good surrogate. Nima says don’t be hasty. Maniya says everything looks good. Priyal gives money to the girl. the manager calls Priyal and says Maniya has said yes. Be ready tomorrow.

Maniya drops the girl home. Nima says to Virat thanks for coming to support Maniya and Paras. He says I consider them family. Priyal’s car stops next to them. Nima sees Priyal but not Birla. Nima says Priyal.. She says I saw Priyal in that car. Priyal and Birla hide. Virat says even if it was her I don’t care. Priyal says we’ve to be very careful. Sia tells Sunita Maniya has chosen the girl. Sunita next is you. She says I am not even with Shiv.

Scene 2
Mona and Gulshan play chess. Mona says it doesn’t matter who wins. You or me. It’s the same thing. Virat and Nima come. Nima says Krish? Mona says he slept. Dadi says he is used to it. He’s independent now.

You should start looking for another job. You’re not needed here. Virat says we will talk about it when Krish doesn’t need Nima at all. Mona says I will post on my kitty group. THey’re always looking for maidss. Nima says don’t worry so much about me. I will find it myself.

Scene 3
Maniya is at the hospital. Virat looks at Nima and thinks about what Maniya said. Nima says I am on my way. I will come. Virat says I can drop you. Nima says I’ve to go to the temple. He says it’s okay. Maniya and Paras are at the hospital. Nurse says there’s a minor issue. Nima sees the girl with a guy at the temple.

Nimaa says this is Birla.. But if she is here who’s at the hospital? Biral goes with her boyfriend. Nima and Virat rush to the hospital. Nima says why are you not picking the call? She says there was a small issue.

The nurse said the first appointment got canceled so they would do our appointment first. Maniya said my family is coming. Paras said it was okay. We can do it early. Maniya says process preponed.. Nima says what. She rushes in the OT. The doctor says what are you doing here? Nima says stop this process.

She’s not the woman who was shown to us. The doctor says the procedure is done. We’re just observing her. Nima says how can you lie to us? The doctor says how can you accuse us? Maniya asks what happened?

Nima says I saw Birla outside the temple. She takes off her veil. It’s Birla. She says why do you keep accusing me. Nima says how did you get here? You were outside the temple. Birla saw Virat and rushed to the hospital.

Birla says I’ve been here since morning The doctor says stop this drama, please. Stress isn’t good for this process. Maniya says forgive us birla. Nima says I saw your look alike at the temple. I was just worried. Birla says you’ve to trust me. Nima says I will trust you now. they all go out.

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