Nima Denzongpa 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 22nd August 2022 Pandit ji asks Nima to sing bhajan. Nima sings. Manav sees flashbacks. Sujata looks at him. Manav says why do I feel so weird? All women do arti one by one. Sujata does arti with Manav. He gives arti to Nima. The candle blows.. they save it together. Tushar tells Sujata everything is ready.

A woman tells everyone let’s play rab ne banadi jodi. She says all couples play it and when they win they will get God’s blessing. We give the bangle to the husband and blindfold him and he’s to make his wife wear it. Sujata says I will stand in that corner. A woman says don’t cheat.

All men are blindfolded. They try guessing their wives. Manav comes. He walks past Sujata and holds Nima’s hand. He sees flashbacks of giving her perfume. Sujata runs towards shim. A woman stops her and says you can’t go to him.

Manav makes Nima wear the bangle. Sujata is angry. Manav takes off his blindfold. Sujata says Manav what did you do.. He says my eyes were closed. A woman says it was a game. Stop making a mess.

The dance competition starts. Sarita says I will dance first. I will challenge Sumita. Sunita says why? Sarita says scared? Sunita says I am not scared of anyone. Sunita and Sarita dance. Sarti falls. Sujata holds her. The man says now couple dance. All couples dance. Nima looks at Manav dancing with Sujata.

Nima says he’s doing the same moves as Virat. A woman brings Nima to the dance floor. Sunita says I am so happy to see you happy. Nima looks at Manav. Sujata dances with him. Manav comes near Nima. Sujata comes between them. Tushar and his boy try to dance with Nima. They kidnap her.

Scene 2
Nima’s eyes are closed, she’s tied. Nima says help.. She looks around. Sunita looks around Nima isn’t there. She looks for Nima. Nima asks everyone. People say she must have gone home Sunita says I’ve the keys.

SUnita is worried. SHe looks everywhere. Manav stops Sujata. He asks Sunita what happened? She says Nima is nowhere. Manav says come we will look together. tushar asks Sujata what to do now? Sunita looks everywhere. Nima tries to make noise.

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