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Nima Denzongpa 24th August 2022 Nima says I couldn’t see his face. Manav says did he say anything? she says he said why didn’t you leave this place. Manav asks them all to say it. Nima doesn’t recognize any of them.

Tushar says it differently. Nima says I can’t match it. Manav says to try to remember anything else. Nima says I scratched his face. I am sure he has bruises. Manav brings water and asks them to wash their faces. Tushar runs. Manav runs after him and grabs him. He says Nima bring water.

He throws water on his face. It’s Tushar. Everyone is shocked. He has scars on his face too. Manav says how dare you. I can’t believe my own brother-in-law could do this. I shouldn’t have trusted you that day too. He says to Sujata see what your brother did.

Sujata slaps Tushar. She says why did you do it? He says because of you. Sujata is scared. She says what do you mean? Tushar says you’re worried since this woman came to this place. She’s trying to hit on your husband. Which brother would like to see his sister scared like this? Nima says he tried to kill me.

Sujata says you don’t know siblings and family relations. You only know how to leave the house. He did all this to save my marriage. You all taunt me. And Nima is trying to trap my husband. She cooks for my husband, sits in my auto, she flirts with him. Won’t I be scared? She’s characterless. You should all be scared of her. Manav says enough Sujata.

Sujata says what do you want? Why are you after my Manav? Nima says because he’s my lost husband, Virat. Sujata is shocked. She says have you gone crazy? This isn’t Virat. Nima says he is my Virat and I came here to I can remind him of our old life he’s forgotten about. Sujata says he’s my husband.

we have been married for 10 years. Nima shows their pictures to Virat. Nima shows her photos of Krish and the rest of the family. Virat sees flashbacks. Nima says to try to recall, please. You’re Virat, my Virat Sethi. Sunita says Nima is right. You have a company and a big house. Why are you living here? Manav recalls people calling him Virat everywhere.

Sujata comes to her house. She takes out things and says I knew this day would come. Now you see what I do. Nima says when I saw you I was confused if you’re Virat or his lookalike but then you said things exactly like my Virat Ji.

You came to Virat’s house and you fainted. It was me who took you to the hospital. I knew you’re allergic to Kesar. You can’t speak Marathi but you can speak English? How? I am not characterless. I saw him with another woman and I tried to find the truth. Sujata comes and says enough. What do you wanna show?

You showed a fake photo and now he’s your husband? She shows pictures of hr wedding with Manav. She shows them to Sunita as well. Nima and Sunita are shocked. Sujata says what happened? Manav says why did you never show the photos to me? She says I felt like I need duplicate photos.

I asked for relatives, here’s your ID card. See the name. Your name is Manav Deshmukh. She says we have been married for 10 years. Don’t even try to come between us. She says this is enough for me. Go home, everyone. Nima stands there shocked. Sujata says leave now. She holds Manav’s hand and leaves. Manav looks at Nima. He’s confused.

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