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Nima Denzongpa 25th April 2022 Priyal says I am tired, you blamed it all on me. Mona says I had to do so much to save you. Priyal says I lost Virat because of your plans. Now I will make my plan. Mona says you’re here because of me.

Priyal says only Virat helped me. I will only care for him from today even if you don’t like it. Mona shouts at Priyal and says I made a mistake that I gave you love of a mother. Priyal says enough di you won’t use me anymore. Mona says what use? I loved you mre than my daughter. Priyal says enough, she says Nima I am sorry.

I always did bad to you and you always respected me. I don’t know why I was so insecure. And Virat, I did so wrong with you and Krish. I told you I will support Krish and you. I left you when Nima came, I became jealous. I know you did this sacrifice for Krish and so did Nima. I should’ve supported you. Priyal says I am sorry Nima.

Your daughters and you have a big heart. The remorse lives with me 24/7. I am in too much pain. MOna says you’re an actress. Get out. Priyal says I am trying to change. Mona says don’t trust this girl Nima. She’s a snake.

Priyal says Virat give me one chance please. Gulshan says think before deciding Virat. Priyal says I don’t deserve your pardon. She touches Gulshan’s feet and says I will go then. Priyal sits in Nima’s feet and faints. Virat says Priayl are you okay?

Scene 2
Paras and Maniya’s friend Aymal comes to meet them. He says you both look so good together. I am very happy to meet you both. sorry I couldn’t come on time. Maniya says we’re happy you came. Maniya says let me get you both something. He says no Maniya you should rest in this condition. I didn’t let my wife work in this condition. I got your baby a gift too. He gives Maniya a gift too. Maniya leaves.

Virat brings Priyal to the room. Nima says Virat ji.. It’s not easy but you did right by bringing her here. If you didn’t help her what would be the difference between her and you. Virat says thank you. Priyal holds Virat’s hand. Nima goes to Krish. Virat says to Priyal let me get you water. Priyal acts scared. Priyal says Virat please stay. Please.. He says okay. I will come back. VIrat stays with Priyal. He looks at Nima’s photos and smiles.

Sia calls Nima and says you’re too blinded to see what they’re doing with you. They got the case back and now forgave Priyal. Did you forgive her too? Nima says this isn’t my house. It was Maniya’s decision to forgive her or not. A mother never harms her children. Sia says I will marry Mayank as soon as he’s back. Nima says don’t take wrong decision in anger. Sia hangs up. Nima looks at Virat.

Virat comes to Nima and says you look worried. You can tell me. Her hair fly with air, Virat ties her hair. He says let your feelings flow. Don’t stop yourself. NIma says actually.. Phone rings. Virat says what are you saying? He hears alarm. He was dreaming about Nima. Priyal says thanks for being here Virat. He leaves.

Virat comes to Nima. Her hair is tied. He’s confused if it was a dream. Virat says who tied your hair? Nima says myself why? He says nothing. Priyal asked me to stay there. I slept there. She says why are you telling me all that? I don’t have a right to ask that.

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