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Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2021 Nima is walking on the stree and is about to get hit by a bike but Suresh comes there and saves her in time. Nima cries and hugs him tightly. He says sorry.

Suresh brings water for Nima. He says I know you had to go through a lot, I shouldn’t have trusted my friend. Nima says if you really love me when why would you leave me alone? Asha told me that you are getting married? Suresh says that’s my mom trying to force me. Nima says where will I go now? Suresh says I know you had to bear a lot because of me but I am sorry. He sits on his knees and asks if she will marry him today only? I don’t have a diamond ring right now but I just have this cheap ring, can you accept it as proof of my love? Give me a final chance. Nima says but the other girl? Suresh says I have no other girl in my love. Just give me another chance, my mom will understand that I want to live my life with you. He shows her two fists and asks her to choose. She chooses ‘heart’ in his hand. The other chit says ‘marry me’. Nima laughs. Suresh says don’t worry about my mother, I will marry you first and then take you to her. She smiles and says yes.

Suresh comes home. His mother asks where are you going? I keep waiting for you whole day. Suresh is gathering things. His mother says Payal is a nice girl. Suresh says I am going out for work. His mother sees his earring missing and asks where did it go? Suresh says I must have lost it somewhere. His mother asks if he is lying? Suresh says no, I have important work, he leaves.

Nima and Suresh come to the civil court to get married. The lawyer tells them that the day has ended so come back in 2 days with my fees. Suresh says fine, he tells Nima that he will take her on a city tour.

Nima and Suresh come to the beach. Ae mere humsafar plays. At night time, they come to a park. Nima hugs him and sleeps on the bench. In the morning, Nima likes a bridal dress in the market so Suresh buys it for her. They eat and enjoy together. Nima is scared of the traffic so Suresh helps her by holding her in his arms. Payal’s father sees them together.

Suresh’s mother Sunita is playing cards with her friends. They all start fighting. Payal’s father comes there so they all leave. She says sorry to him. He asks where is Suresh? She says he went for work. He says can we get them married a day after tomorrow? There is no good time after that. Sunita says but I will have to talk to Suresh.

Scene 2
Nima thanks Suresh for showing her Mumbai. Nima says I always wanted to get married on the beach. Suresh says I am sorry, I can’t give you a big wedding. Nima says if you are with me then I don’t need anything else, I have left everything for you. Suresh says after the marriage, we will go to Sikim to pacify your parents. He says I have to call my mother.

Suresh calls Sunita. She asks where are you? Suresh says I was busy, I will be back tomorrow, he ends the call. Sunita says this guy is useless, how to tell him that they want to do marriage a tomorrow only. Payal’s father arrives there and asks what’s their decision? Sunita says we will do the marriage tomorrow only. He gives her shugun. Payal’s mother whispers what are you doing? You said this marriage won’t happen? Payal’s father says he thought he could enjoy with other girls and then get married to my daughter? I will expose him now. Mother asks if confused something? As if Suresh had an affair then why would he agree to marry Payal? Father says maybe you are right.

The next day, Suresh and Nima come to the marriage court.

Sunita has decorated whole chawl for Suresh’s marriage with Payal. All guests are waiting for him.

Nima and Suresh get married in the court. They make each other eat sweets. Nima says I just want your mother’s blessings. Suresh says it’s time to take you home.

Suresh and Nima come to their chawl. Suresh looks at the decorations and says it must be some wedding, he asks her to not worry. He starts dancing. A guest asks him to come fast, it’s his wedding. Suresh and Nima are stunned. Sunita calls Suresh and asks him to get ready for the wedding. Suresh says what is all this? You arranged my marriage without telling me? Sunita says yes, I am your Ayi so I have right. Nima hears all that and breakdowns. Payal’s father sees her and thinks now the truth will come out. He confronts Nima. Suresh tells Sunita how can you take this decision without telling me? I will not marry Payal. Payal’s father brings Nima there and asks Suresh to tell who is this girl? Suresh holds Nima’s hand. Sunita pushes her away and asks who is this girl? Suresh says let’s talk inside. Payal’s father shouts at him and taunts Sunita for being a bad mother. Payal cries seeing all that. Sunita takes Suresh from there.

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