Nima Denzongpa 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 25th January 2022 Paras asks Mania to keep smiling, he likes seeing her like that. Mania says thank you.

Tulika is applying mehndi to the guests in the sangeet ceremony. Varun sits with her. A guest asks who is he? Tulika says he can massage your feet but he will take a fee. She says I am ready. Tulika makes Varun massage her feet. Dinesh glares at them.

Sunita is sad and tells Nima that I couldn’t dance with Mania so I am sad. Mania comes and hugs her. Nima asks her to go away. Maaji comes there and asks Mania why is she standing with servants? I mean you can’t be seen with them as they don’t know your relationship with them so come with me. Nima says she is right.

Mania goes away. Maaji asks Nima’s family to go home. Suresh says I will get Tulika and Varun. They start leaving but Mania comes on the stage. Mania says thank you for accepting me. I have prepared a dance performance and I want to invite Sia and Nari to dance with them. All look on. Nima is stunned.

Nima says let’s go. Paras stops them. He goes on the stage and asks Nima’s family to join them as it’s his bride’s request. All clap for Nima’s family. Maaji asks Paras to stop all this. Paras says no one is doubting us, let Mania’s family enjoy a little bit. Maaji says fine, only for you.

The dance performance starts. Sia, Mania and Nari dance on the stage together. All smile seeing them. Nima gets emotional seeing them. Mania tries to call her but Nima says no. Sunita goes to Mania and dances with her.

Nima wants to join them but can’t. All clap for them. Ranisa is doubtful of their relationship. She calls Sunita and says I remember her now, I met her in society. What are these people doing here? Sunita says I am a poor person so I live in that society. Maaji says food is ready, she sends all guests away.

Maaji asks Ranisa to go for dinner. She asks Paras to take her away. Paras goes with Ranisa. Maaji glares at Nima, Nima says I am sorry. Maaji says you have broken your promise so I will break mine now. Nima looks on.

Maaji says I don’t want to see your family in Mania’s wedding tomorrow, even you are not welcome tomorrow. All look on. Mania says I am sorry but please don’t say that, nobody doubted us. Maaji says I can’t let them find out the truth. You people are not listening to me. Dinesh says Suresh’s wife was doing cheap antics, she was taking money from my guests. He asks her to give money back.

All look on. Suresh asks her to give back the money. Varun gives it to Dinesh. Suresh says I am sorry about her acts. Maaji says you all are cheap people and I can’t take a risk of being insulted in my family. Sunita says I am sorry, I won’t come tomorrow but let her sisters attend the wedding.

Maaji says I can’t take the risk. Nima says we will pay for our mistake, we will not attend Mania’s wedding tomorrow. She leaves with her family. Mania starts going with them but Maaji stops her and says the function is still going on.

Ranisa is sitting alone. Maaji and Mania come there. Maaji goes to talk to Dinesh. Ranisa asks Mania why does she look sad? I am like your grandma so tell me what’s wrong? Mania says I am missing my parents. She leaves from there.

Suresh tells Tulika that you should be ashamed of your acts. I will not spare you. Tulika says even Sunita was being cheap there. Sunita and Tulika argue with each other. Nima shouts at them to stop it.

Nima says we all did mistakes and “Mania shouldn’t have danced with us. Maaji was right that we did a mistake. We won’t listen to Mania anymore, I just want this wedding to be done without any drama so let it happen.


Nima Denzongpa 26th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mania tells Nima that I have decided if you people don’t attend the wedding then I won’t go either. Sunita says think about your baby. Mania says I will raise it alone. Nima is stunned to hear that.


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