Nima Denzongpa 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 25th May 2022 Virat prays for Nima.. Nima comes nd says Virat ji.. Virat hugs her and says are you okay? Nima says you got so late.. He says where did you go? I told you not to come out of the car? Why do you never listen? she says I am not your servant. You paid less to the dhaba owner, I came out to pay him.

Virat says couldn’t you wait. She says you couldn’t come on time. Nima says rich people think they can do and say anything. Virat says are you thinking about me? She says no I am thinking about Krish. He says me too.

Scene 2
Paras asks Maniya what happened? She can we trust her? Paras says yes we can trust her. Maniya says she smokes. Paras says but she’s not even pregnant yet. Maniya says I need to talk to her.

Scene 3
Nima and Virat pick Krish. Krish says maa paa sorry. Thank you. The principal says he was missing you both so much. Virat says we can’t live without him either. Thank you for taking care of him. They leave.

Mona comes to a baba. Priyal says will he even do anything? Mona says he’s very smart. Krish says we will all stay together like a family. Nima looks at Virat. They both say yes. Krish sleeps.. Nima says I think.. come back..

Virat says you can go. Nima says he’s not trying to stop me. Nima calls Sunita and says I am coming back. Virat prays that Nima stays with him. Virat tells krish don’t let her go back. Sunita says to Nima God has reunited you both. A car hits Nima’s car.

Nima falls out of the car injured. Virat and Krish scream. Virat says Nima oppen eyes. They both panic and ask for help. Virat picks Nima. He cries. Her head is bleeding. Krish cries too. Sunita says to Sia I feel very weird. Sia says nothing will happen. Don’t worry. Sunita says Nima’s phone cut suddenly. Sia says don’t worry she is on highway. There are signal issues. Virat is with her.

Virat brings Nima to hospital. He says doctor.. Krish cries. Virat calls Alok and tells him everything. Alok tells Mona. He says I am going there to pick Krish. Alok comes to Virat. He says you’ve to be strong. Virat says I don’t want to lose Nima. Virat says take Krish home please. Alok says yes, take care of yourself. The doctor says we’ve to do her surgery. It’s life threatening. Anything can happen.

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