Nima Denzongpa 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 25th October 2021 Suresh comes to Sunita and asks why is she holding his phone? Sunita says I was just checking it.

Tulika is leaving her father’s house and tells him that I will take my right as Suresh’s wife. He asks her to leave her stuff here. She says okay.

Nima and her daughters enter the diwali festival. Suresh arrives there with his family also. Suresh smiles looking at Nima. She smiles back. Suresh comes to her and tries to talk but she goes away. Suresh uses the glass that she used to drink water and smiles.
Nima comes to Sunita and asks how are you feeling now? Sunita says you must be happy to not send food anymore.

Nima asks her to take care and leaves. Nima comes to Sarla and says my kids dressed me up today. Mania brings bun kabab for them. The host announces that we will start a dance competition and the winner will get prize money. Varun tells his family that I will dance first and then go to steal from the house. Nima’s kids go to take part in the dance competition also. Sunita gets herself registered also.

Tulika is going to the festival and messes up her lipstick in the auto-rickshaw. She scolds the driver so he drops her on the road and leaves. Tulika says this area is not safe, I should walk to the festival before everything is finished.

The host tells everyone at the festival that the first dancer is Varun. All clap for him. Varun dances on the stage and Mania laughs. Another dancer goes on the stage so Varun leaves the festival. He comes to his house and opens the safe. He finds Tulika’s gold necklace and steals it.

At the festival, Sunita starts dancing on the stage. The host says next is Mania, Sia and Nari. They all dance on the stage. Nima is happy to see them dance. Some other people dance as couples. Suresh looks at Nima and imagines himself dancing with her. The host says we will announce the winner now. Varun comes back and says I will win. The host says Mania-Sia-Nari won the competition. All clap for them. Nima is happy.

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