Nima Denzongpa 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Nima Denzongpa 26th April 2022 Krish speaks in front of the therapist and says hello.. how are you? Nima and Virat clap. Mona says is that all he learned to speak in all these years and they’re going crazy? Priyal says di please.. he learned after such struggle and you’re saying this? Mona says don’t talk to me.

The therapist says welld done Krish. he says thank you. She says learn three new sentences this week. The therapist says I can’t believe it’s the same kid. You’ve worked so hard. Virat says all credit goes to Nima. Priyal says yes Nima it’s all your hard work. we’ve seen the sacrifices you’ve done for Krish.

Nima says ma’am can we do something for Krish? She says yes let him do his work, it will be difficult for him but let him be independent. Once he gets confidence we can introduce him to kids his age and then he can go to school.

Nima says but how can I leave him alone? Priyal says she’s just asking to let him be independent. He’s imrpoved a lot because of you. Virat says yes. Priyal says with you. Nima says no we will handle krish you focus on your health. Mona says what is this Priyal upto.

Scene 2
Paras and Maniya are on the way. Maniya says where are we going? He says it’s a surprise. They come to an orphanage. Maniya is shocked. She sees kids playing all around. A girl comes and says hi to her. Maniya smiles.

Sunita slaps Varun what are you upto? Why did you take the car? Who are you pretending to be rich in front of? He says it was flop. Don’t worry. Mona says to Chinkey let your game go on. She says mummy no ew. He’s not my tupe and he’s fat. Mona says that’s a good news. You’re also fat. It will work out.

If you don’t wanna lose he can be fat too. He won’t force you to lose weight too. Chinkey says he’s not my type. Mona says but he has money? Chinkey says car looked expensive. Mona says think about it. Why did he drop you home? use your brain and keep him trapped. Varun says I can’t create problems in Nima’s lives. I’ve to block her and focus on exams.

Scene 3
The keeper says this child’s name is Khushi. Someone left her outside our door. Maniya says how can anyone leave her child? Paras says God has sent her for us. We can make an orphan child ours. Maniya says are you sure? The girl says it’s about her life. Think thorougly before you decide.

Priyal cooks for Krish. Nima comes in. Nima says what are you doing? She says cook, I was bored.
Maniya shows Khushi to the Sia and Varun. Varun says how can anyone leave her, she’s so cute. Sia says are you adopting? She says it’s a huge process. Paras says don’t worry about the process, just tell me what you want.

Maniya says what I want can’t happen. Sunita says God listens to us. he does the best for us. Tell me what you want. Paras says we can change her life. Maniya says I want to bring Khushi home but I’ve to talk to aai before deciding. Sia says she’s too busy being Mrs. Sia. Sunita says yes talk to her before you decide.

Nima looks for Krish. He’s nowhere. Nima calls Virat.. She hears Krish saying no no.. Priyal says Krish eat custard. I made it for you. I just want to be your friend. Krish says okay.. Priyal is about to make him eat. Nima shoves the custard. priyal says what did you do? Virat comes in. Nima says I..

Priyal says I made Krish’s favorite custard for him but Nima threw it on me. Nima recalls everything what they used to mix in his food. Nima says I don’t trust you. It’s my duty to make food for Krish. Let me do my work. Priyal says I am not an evil person, I was just trying to be his friends. Can’t I do that?

Nima says eat this custard yourself first. Virat says what are you saying Nima. Nima says eat it. Priyal says it’s my insult. Priyal says this is wrong Nima. Virat eats the custard. He says thank God Krish didn’t eat.. I mean it’s tasteless. He laughs. Nima says don’t worry about Krish I will make food for him. She leaves.

Nima cooks. Priyal says I want to talk to you. Nima says don’t do drama. Priyal says I know you doubt me. I have changed. I am a different person. Virat left me. I am not your enemy. Nima says this isn’t my house.

Priyal says for Virat I had to change. I want to win his and your trust. Nima says I wish I could trust you but stay away from me and Krish I know how much have you harmed me. It’s not easy for me to see you free while my daughter cries every night. But I respect her decision to forgive you. Stay away from me and Krish.

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