Nima Denzongpa 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 27th April 2022 Gulshan says let’s do pooja tomorrow, this house is cursed. Mona says it’s a good idea. Virat says sure. He asks where’s Nima? Nima comes. He asks where’s Krish? She says he’s in the room.

He says come eat. Mona says no. She won’t sit here. Virat says she’s part of this family. Mona says I am talking about Priyal. Nima looks back. Mona says this girl.. Virat says please. Gulshan says this girl has decieted you. She lied to all of us, she shouldn’t be near us. alok says she’s living in our house. It’s pooja tomorrow.

Priyal says it’s okay I won’t come for dinner or pooja. Virat says she’s not okay. She’s going through a tough time. She tried to kill herself. Let’s not push her so much. Gulshan says we’re letting her live here isn’t that enough?

Virat says stop it please. Virat says Nima invite your family. Gulshan says why would they come? Virat says they’re our family. Nima says they won’t come. Vira says Priyal won’t be there. I will invite them if you don’t. Nima says okay.

Nima calls Maniya. She says but Priyal is there.. Nima says she won’t come to the pooja. Maniya says I wanted to tell you something too. Maniya says will Sia come? Nima says she didn’t speak to me. But aai said she’ll bring her.

Scene 2
Sunita gets ready. Varun says I can’t go there. I’ve to study for my exam. He says in heart I can’t go there. That Chinkey will recognize me. Sia says I’ve no interest in going. Sunita says you forgave your dad too. Why Nima? Don’t be so rude to her. Sia says okay I will go but for you only. Sunita says let’s go.

Gulshan says Mona prepared everything so well. Nima cleans the temple. Virat says you did all this preparation? She says yes. He says mummy loves it. Gulshan says it’s fine. These cushions are also not in place. Virat laughs. Virat helps Nima with rest of the chores. Nima slips and falls on Virat. Flowers fall on them.

Nima tries to get up. Virat removes flowers from her. Alok says it all looks so nice. Sia and Sunita come outside. Sunita says fix your mood. Accept what has happened, we’re here for the pooja. Smile for me please. Sia smiles.

Pandit ji says let’s do small home pooja then we will start havan. Who will sit in this pooja? Mona says me and my husband. Pandit ji says the person whose name is on the house should sit. Gulshan says Virat will also sit. He says your wife will also sit. Virat says let me bring her. Gulshan says now you will make a maid sit in the pooja? He says she’s my wife. Please. Krish asks Nima to brush her his hair.

Nima combs his hair. She says Krish you’re too cute. He says you are cute too.. Nima smiles. She says you said so many new words. She hugs him. Virat looks at them and smiles. Nima says see what Krish is saying. He says maa is very cute. Virat says wow Krish amazing. He says yes Nima is cute. Krish smiles.

Nima gets awkward. She says let me go. Virat says stop. He says are you married? Nima says what are you saying? He asks where is the sindur? Nima says what are you doing? He says why are you scared? He applies sindur in her hairline.

Priyal looks at them in anger. Virat says you forgot to apply sindur. Mona says to Priyal stop your drama. You are still my sister. I can’t see you like this. Virat says perfect now. See. He says pandit ji said you’ve to sit with sindur. She says you could ask me.

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