Nima Denzongpa 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 29th April 2022 Nima burns her saree. Priyal tries to save her. Vira throws water on her saree. Maniya says aai are you okay? Virat says are you okay? Nima says yes are you okay? Nima says Priyal are you okay?

Priyal says I know I shouldn’t have come here. But I saw fire so I came out. Virat asks how did it fall? Nima says I don’t know. Priyal leaves. Nima sees her hand burned. Virat says I was so scared. The jagrata people come.

Priyal is applying cream to her wound. Nima comes and says let me apply it. Keep it away from water. Priyal says thank you. No one came for me but you. My sister didn’t either. Please forgive me. I want to show everyone there’s good left in her. She hugs her. Maniya says aai has taught us the one who saves is bigger than the one who kills.

You made a mistake with that accident but it wasn’t in control but you saved aai today. Thank you for that. She says aai forgive Priyal, please. Virat says to Sunita the halwa is so good. Nima brings Priyal out. Mona says what is she doing here? Nima says before you all say anything let me speak.

She deserves a sin. Mona says you forgot everything? Nima says no but I’m giving her a chance. Sia says you don’t care about Maniya? Maniya says I forgave her. Priyal says to Virat please.. He says what you did was wrong. But if Nima forgave I can forgive too. He says sorry. Gulshan says you broke my trust. I can give her a chance too. Mona says I will never forgive you. She leaves in anger.

Sia gets a call and says heart attack? What? I will inform the boss. Take care of your mom only. Virat says to Sia you don’t like me right? She says why do you care? He says you’re Nima’s daughter. She cares about you. We didn’t marry as per our choice. Sia says you look like you love her. Virat says no.

Sia says you’re not the first man in her life. It was my dad. She doesn’t even talk about him. She forgets people. She’s cold like that. Save yourself before you’re completely broken. Nima says to Sunita thank you for coming aai.

Sunita says where is Sia? They look for her. Nima says to Maniya you’re my wisest daughter. Maniya tells her she’s decided to adopt a child. She shows her Khushi’s photos and says this is Khushi. I want to adopt her. Nima says she’s so cute. I am so happy. Maniya says we’re going to talk about her tomorrow. Nima says all the best.

Scene 2
Virat sees Nima’s saree in his closet. He recalls what sia said. He says, love? No? Not possible. Nima comes in. She says Virat ji.. He says you’re here for reall? She says are you talking to yourself? My dupatta. I might have kept it by mistake. He says no. Good night. Krish comes and says sleep time. He sleeps in Virat’s bed and says maa come. Nima says I will sleep in your room. He says please maa. Virat says please Nima.

Mona comes to Priyal and says is it hurting? Priyal says why did you burn Nima? Don’t do this drama. Virat says your voice is so good. You never told me. He says if we didn’t get married we won’t know. she says we married for Krish.

He asks favorite color? She says white. He asks favorite dish. She says momos. He says your favorite place? She says where I was born. It was very pretty. She talks about her home. Virat hears her talking.

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