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Nima Denzongpa 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 2nd December 2021 Nima enters the audition room and has entered another room, she sees a yoga class going on. She asks if there is an audition going on? He says this is the wrong room, there are a lot of rooms in this building so people rent it out. Nima thinks if it’s a big producer then why would he rent a room?

Mania starts her audition with a shirtless guy. Tulika hides and watches it. The guy puts his hand on Mania’s shoulder. Mania feels uncomfortable. The guy says his lines but Mania pushes him away. The producer asks Mania to calm down. Mania recalls Nima’s words and says I am not giving this audition. I am leaving. The producer asks her to give their clothes back. Mania says I will give it to the watchman. She comes out of the room and sees Nima there. Mania says I felt something wrong so I left the audition room. Nima asks if anything wrong happened? Mania says I left before they could do anything. I will change in the washroom.

Shiv is talking to his wife on the call. His manager comes there and asks him to visit the site with Sia. I will talk to her. Shiv says okay. Kanchan hears all that and thinks they would be alone?/

Tulika tells the producer that everything was going as per the plan but you provoked Mania. The producer says we have her shots so we will edit it, don’t worry we will make something work. Nima is coming near them so Tulika runs away. Mania changes her clothes. Nima looks around and says there was someone here.

Scene 2
Shiv and Sia are waiting for the auto. Shiv says we have to reach there on time, I can drive my bike if you agree. Sia says no I will wait for the auto. Shiv says don’t be stubborn, we have to reach there on time, let’s go now. Kanchan arrives there and sees them together.

Nima and Mania are in the auto. Mania says I left before anything could happen. Nima says something was wrong there, you didn’t do anything right? Mania says they won’t get anything out of me, don’t worry.

Varun is dancing for Tiktok videos. Tulika comes there and scolds him. She goes to her room and says I spent so much money and didn’t get anything. She gets the clip in which Mania and the shirtless guy are close.

Shiv and Sia come back to the bank. He tells his manager that we closed the deal so let’s have a party. Kanchan comes there and says I thought you didn’t have time but you are having parties with Sia. Let’s have a party together.

Nima comes to Suman’s house. She asks Babita if she didn’t go to the mandir with her family? Babita says they didn’t take me with them. Nima’s phone rings so she checks the message. She is stunned to see Mania’s video with a shirtless guy. She gets shocked. Babita asks if something is wrong? She says nothing to worry. Nima goes from there.

Nima calls Suman and says I have a request, I have an emergency, can I go home? Suman says what about Babita? Nima says she is like my daughter, I have called Sarla to look after her. It’s about my daughter’s life so please let me go. Suman says okay.

Kanchan tells Shiv that I came to see you but I saw you both on the bike. Shiv says we went to work. Sia gets Nima’s call, Nima asks her to come home right now. She ends the call and says there is something wrong. I have to go home. Shiv says I can come with you, she says no, I will handle it.

Nima is going back and is tense. Tulika smirks seeing her and says there is something going on. Sunita says she always finds a solution to everything.

Mania, Sia and Nari are home. Nima arrives there. Mania asks if everything is fine? Nima cries and shows the video to Mania. Mania is stunned seeing it. Nima gets another message that if they don’t this video to go viral then they have to give him 5 lacs by tonight and don’t try to go to the police as no one can reach them. Nima cries while the girls look on. Sia asks what is this? Mania sadly looks at Nima.

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