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Nima Denzongpa 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 2nd September 2022 Manav eats the momos. He says I am sorry for going with Nima. Can I get another chance? I will be with you. She says it’s too late. All men say this when they’re dying.

This is your fear. Sunita waits outside. She’s worried. Manav says I didn’t know you have been through so much drama. These men made you believe you don’t deserve love. I can prove not all men are the same.

She says are you actually saying it? She says all this injustice is done with me not them. He says I understand that. She says you will never leave me right? Nima comes in. Sujata sees her. Sujata puts a knife on Manav. Nima says no, please. Sujata says when will you understand? Nima says please let Virat go.

Sujata says he’s Manav. You will die as well now. Virat says don’t dare to touch Nima. Sujata says if I kill you he will love you forever. I can kill Virat. You will cry all your life. Sujata stabs Virat. Nima comes in between and gets stabbed. Nima gets up and throttles her. She says how dare you. Sunita comes in with the police. They arrest Sujata. Nima faints.

Scene 2
Nima faints. She’s taken to the hospital. Virat and Sunita are worried for her. Inspector says we have to take your statement. Virat tells them everything. He says Nima got stabbed in all this. He says Nima has saved a lot of people.

Sujata is a wanted serial killer. Sunita and Virat pray for Nima. The doctors tell them surgery is succeesful. They rush to Nima. Virat says are you okay? She says are you okay? He says you are always there for me. Sunita says the bad days are over. Sujata was a serial killer. She’s killed many men.

You got her arrested, your Virat is with you. Virat says I want a normal life with you. Sunita says go back to your home and life. I will pray for you both. Virat says won’t you come with us? She says I don’t wanna be a burden. Nima says you’re my strength. Virat says I am your son.

Scene 3
Nima and Virat come home. Sunita does their arti. Nima says I can’t wait to meet everyone and Krish. Virat says let’s go in. Virat picks Nima and they go in. They come to their room. Virat kisses Nima.

Someone calls Nima and says you’ve had too much fun. Now time for someone to come in between. Nima says who are you now? She says Maniya. Sia is pregnant. Nima is very happy. Maniya says she will call you from the clinic. Nima hugs Virat. Nima says I am so happy. I was so young when I came to Mumbai.

So much happened. You came back to my life and filled it with so much love. We faced so much and now we are together again. Thank you for being there. I don’t need to run anymore. I feel home.

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