Nima Denzongpa 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 30th August 2022 Tushar breaks the door. Nima comes and says can I come in? Sarita says yes come in. Nima says we are leaving this place so I thought I should meet you all. Sujata sats go now.

Nima says can I meet Manav once? Sujata says he’s not home. Go now. Tushar tries to breaak the door. They come in. Manav is unconscious. Sarita says he’s alive. Thank God, I thought Sujata did the same. I mean.

What’s this smell? Tushar laughs. He says he’s drunk. I found my partner. Sujata says my Manav doesn’t drink. Tushar says he’s not Manav, this guy might drink. Sarita takes Sujata out. Manav was hearing everything. He fixed everything and pretend that he fainted. He sprayed some alcohol on himself.

Nima says to Sunita they didn’t let me meet Manav. These people are really weird. I feel very restless. They were up to something. Sunita says these are very shady people. Nima hugs her and cries. Nima packs everything. She gets a call. It’s Manav. He says Nima it’s me Manav. No, I am Virat.

He says Sujata changed the reports. She’s very crazy and dangerous. Nima says how do you know all this? He says meet me on the ground today. I will tell you everything. Your Virat can’t wait to meet you. Sujata comes, he pretends to be asleep. Sujata says get up and eat now.

Nima takes out everything from the bags. Sunita says what are you doing? Nima says Manav is Virat. Sujata changed the report. Virat called and asked me to meet at the ground temple. Sunita says I am scared for you. Nima says Virat is with me. Don’t worry.

Scene 2
Sujata falls asleep. Virat sneaks out. He takes his phone. Sujata opens her eyes. Nima gets ready. She says I can’t wait to meet my Virat Ji. Sunita says stay connected to me. Nima says Virat texted me Sujata is keeping an eye on him. He will meet me at the bus stop in an hour. Sunita says let’s wait till then.

Virat waits for Nima. She comes there. Virat caresses her face. He says my heart knew you’re mine. No more questions. I am yours forever. Nima hugs him. An old woman with face-covered coughs. Virat was imagining. He says Nima where are you? Virat asks the woman are you okay? Sujata comes out and hits him in the head. Virat faints, his head bleeds.

Nima leaves. Sujata drags Virat back to her. Nima prays for Virat. She comes to the temple and thanks God for reuniting them. Sujata says how od I drag him. She puts him on a cart. Nima comes there.

Sujata hides and hides Virat as well. Nima says do you need any help? It’s so heavy. Nima helps her drag the cart thinking it’s an old woman. Sujata asks her to leave. Nima waits for virat there.

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