Nima Denzongpa 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 3rd June 2022 Virat says you have done so much for me and Krish. You made momos for me today. Why can’t we do things for each other?

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Nima smiles. He eats the momos and says they’re so good. Nima says let me tell you how to eat them. You dip them in the sauce and then eat. She makes him eat. Virat makes Nima eat too.

They both laugh. Priyal comes there. Nima says what are you doing here? She leaves. Virat says what was she doing there?

Sunita tells Sia everything. She says we will go to meet Maniya. Sia says everything will be fine. Sunita says we will not stay there for long. She says to Varun don’t get greedy there. He says will I have to go too?

he says in heart Chinkey will recognize me. He says I have a lot of work. I can’t come. Birla cries. Nima asks what happened? She says I wanted to shower. I thought to find the bucket so I came to Virat’s room.

Maniya says what do you want? She says Virat. Nima says what? She says I miss my husband. When I saw you and Virat making each other eat I missed my husband. Maniya says wow you both were eating together? I will make sure you both are together. Nima says stop it. Nima says Birla ji call your husband.

Scene 2
Sunita and Sia come to meet Maniya. Nima says please eat. Gulshan says yes we have a lot of food in our house. Sunita says we came to meet Maniya only. She says Birla thank you for the favor you’re doing on us.

Nima says please eat. Sunita says we can’t. They leave. Mona picks the plate. Priyal says di where are you taking this plate? Mona says priyal? She says I call all women di. She goes to her room. Krish says to nima let’s go play cricket. Or football. Nima says okay. Gulshan says to Nima money doesn’t grow on trees.

You’re already here and now your daughter and surrogate are here too. They are staying okay. But the expenses on grocery, I will cut from your salary. Mona says Virat gives her pocket money. Gulshan says control the expenses. Nima says Paras will come soon. Thanks for your home. Mona says she never gets angry.

Mona comes to Priyal’s room and says my sister used to live in this room. She’s very pretty and my favorite. Birla says where is her now? She says my sister was a witch. She was making my life hell too. Now I will live a good life too.

Why don’t you take this veil off. She says it’s my ritual. I wanna rest, please go. Mona leaves. She says show me your face. Priyal says go before I call Nima. Mona takes off her veil and says I knew it was you.

Krish plays football with Maniya and Nima. Virat comes and says I am in the ground now. Virat and Nima are in the same team. Mona says to Priyal are you crazy? You scare me even now. You think it will get you virat back?

She says no one can stop me. Nima will leave this house for this child. Mona says you’ve gone too crazy. I can’t be a part of this. Priyal says then leave. Krish collides with Birla. She says Krish can’t you see? Nima says what’s the way of talking to him? And how do you know his name? She says you all call his name all day.

This ball could hit me. Nima says she was scolding Krish. Birla starts crying. She says you all don’t trust me at all. Maniya says come on Aai. He says I know you’re worried for Krish. People from her town talk like her. Nima says something is wrong with her. Virat says she’s alone here. don’t doubt so much.

Scene 3
Sia comes home at night. She says Shiv isn’t picking the call since yesterday. He’s not even replying. Sunita says he must not have internet. He will get back once he’s free. He’s a good guy. Think good. Maniya will give us good news tomorrow. Maniya says to Birla please don’t mind what aai said. She says Nima keeps doubting me.

I will leave, I don’t wanna live here. I am going home. Maniya says please don’t go. Nima says to Virat I love my daughters so much. I keep skeptical about me but you talk sense to me. Maniya comes and says Birla is leaving the house. Are you happy now? I made a mistake by coming here.

Birla is leaving. Mona says Priyal are you really going? Gulshan says Priyal? Mona says I was missing her so took her name by mistake. Birla is leaving. Nima stops her. She says don’t go please. She says I made a mistake by coming here.

Virat says Nima is just worried about Maniya. Birla holds her hand and says you aree very nice. Only you understand me. Nima says please come in. Priyal says apologize first. Nima says I am sorry for my mistake. Priyal says to Virat I am staying here for you only.


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