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Nima Denzongpa 4th August 2022 Nima says I can’t let him win. She tries to get out. Alok says I burned her. Suresh is shocked. Everyone gets upset. Nima laughs. She comes downstairs with a fire torch. Alok says how did you come back? She says I will keep coming back. Alok says maa ji save me. Sunita says stop there.

Nima pretends like she can’t breathe. Sunita ties her. She says why are you back? Let this man go. Nima says I will kill him I want my Virat back. Sunita says to get his Virat back. Alok says I will fix everything. Nima says pay for your sins. Nima’s phone rings as well. Alok is shocked. Nima is scared. She says how did I forget to switch my phone off?

Alok laughs and says such a model ghost who has a mobile? He throws water on her and her makeup falls off. Alok picks the lenses. He says wow you tried fooling me? For your plan, I got married. But why did this madam marry me? Tulika says Suresh is my husband only. I wasn’t under the ghunghat that day.

Alok laughs. He says wow Nima you played so well. You should’ve been on my team. Introduce your partners. Nima says you’re no one to take our lives. He wasn’t wise like his brother and tried to kill him. He took his mother’s two sons and left his wife and daughter too. Because of you, Virat Ji isn’t even here.

He is not even a man. He is a coward. Alok says I wasn’t hidden. I started a new life but you’re after me. Sethi’s wealth is mine too. Virat was suffocating me. To hell with Virat, mom, Mona, and even Chinkey. He picks a knife. He says no one comes near me I can kill her right away. He walks out with Nima.

Gulshan, Mona and Chinkey come in. Alok is shocked. Gulshan slaps him. Mona says you are disgusting man. I was living a widow’s life and you married here? At least I am loyal. Gulshan says you tried to kill NIma and Virat.

And then you blamed your murder on Virat? Mona says to Nima I always go you wrong but you suffered the most. Sunita called me and said Nima is suffering through something and they didn’t have time. She asked her to think if Nima is actually bad. She told me Alok is alive. Mona says thank God we came and saw his real face.

He said it himself otherwise we won’t have trusted you again. Alok says Nima made me say it. I am innocent. He says Mona please forgive me. I only loved you. They’re lying. Mona says stop lying we all know your truth. Alok says Chineky. She says I don’t want to talk to you. He says if you don’t trust me go to hell. He shoves Chinkey and runs.

Alok sits in his car. Police come there and arrest him. He says I won’t leave you Nima. You will never find Virat. Never. Nima faints.

Scene 2
Sunita wakes up Nima. She says are you okay? Nima says yes I am fine. I am very tired. I can’t do all this anymore. Suresh says we know how you’ve suffered. Nima says I am sorry if I have hurt anyone but I wanted you all to see Alok’s reality. Mona says you did right. We won’t ever have known if he’s alive and he married again.

Tulika says I didn’t marry him. We were pretending only. I didn’t marry him. I never went close to him. Mona says I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Nima says to think about chickey and her future. Gulshan says I wish you also thought about Chinkey. Nima says what? Gulshan says I know Alok is really bad.

He’s ashamed me but haven’t you seen brothers going against each other? Suresh says he tried to kill Nima. Gulshan says my sons are gone. Nima says I understand your pain but Virat has to be proven innocent for that Alok had to go to jail. Gulshan says where is my son then? Do you know? Nima says I will find him.

Give me time. She says we will talk when you find him. Mona says she’s shaken, please don’t mind. I hope you find Virat. Let’s go. Nima says this is your house. Where are you going? She gives the keys to Gulshan and says I have no right. I will find Virat soon and you wont’ see my face till then. Mona says where will you go? Sunita says she has a home. They leave.

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