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Nima Denzongpa 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 5th August 2022 Tulika says Gulshan is so weird. She should have appreciated you. Nima says she’s old and it’s all so exhausting for her. Tulika says look at our aai she’s older than her. Sunita says shut up. I am young. Tulika says okay banjaran. Nima says aai thank you for your help. She says I am your mom don’t thank me.

She hugs them both. Nima says I miss Virat Ji a lot. I keep looking at my phone for his call. There is no news. Suresh says I have filed complaints with the police. Nima says Alok is behind this. He will say the truth soon. Sunita says be strong. Nima says I am glad you’re all with me. I hope I find Virat soon.

Two weeks later
Tulika asks Suresh what will we do. You have invested so much in the plot. He says we need to stay with Nima here. It’s been 2 weeks but there’s no news of Virat. Alok isn’t saying anything. Maybe he isn’t behind all this. Tulika says what have you thought? Nima comes there. She says you both lied to me.

Nima says how? Nima says we promised we won’t hide anything. Suresh has so many problems going on and you both are staying here because of me? Suresh says we will help you find Virat. Nima says you both are my support but you can’t lose your plot. It’s your dad’s belonging. You will go back.

Tulika says I will stay here. Nima says no you both will go. Aai is here with me. I will call you both if needed. Nima says to Sunita you should also go to Nasik with Suresh and Tulu. Sunita says you are my daughter. I can’t leave you alone. Suresh says we would have stayed too. But aai would never leave you alone. Sunita gets mad.

Nima says I don’t want anyone in trouble because of me. She says I am your mom. I won’t leave you. Nima hugs her. Tulika says don’t make me emotional. They get ready to leave. Tulika hugs Nima and Sunita.

Tulika and Suresh leave. Nima says you both have done a lot for me. God has given me a sister in you. Tulika says you cry so much. I have some level in this society. Nima laughs. Nima says Suresh God wanted to give me an honest friend in you and this family with you. Suresh hugs her. They leave.

Scene 3
Nima thinks about Virat. She can’t sleep. Nima says there’s no love in my fate ever. Will I never be happy? Where is my Virat ji? She thinks about her time with Virat. She imagines Virat holding her hand. Nima cries and says please come back. Sunita and Nima go out to get vegetables. A black cat comes. Sunita says it’s a bad omen. Nima says it’s superstition. Inspector comes and says Nima you have to come with me.

Nima waits at a hospital. She sees people crying. Nima asks the inspector what’s happening here. Inspector says you can come in. Nima goes in the mortuary. There are bodies there. They show a body to her. Inspector says Virat has been missing for 4 weeks. We got a call that they found Mr. Sethi.

Nima says this can’t be true. They give her a pack. It has Virat’s watch. Inspector says this is his watch. Nima cries and says this can’t be true. They show her Virat’s face. Nima screams. Nima says this body isn’t Virat’s. I am sure Virat is fine.

Please look for him. Sunita calls Suresh and tells him. He says I am coming. Sunita says wait for tomorrow. Nima walks on the road. She says this can’t be true. Where are you Virat? A man says I am here. Nima follows the voice.

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