Nima Denzongpa 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Nima Denzongpa 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 5th July 2022 Virat takes off his lenses and says Roy you’ve such beautiful eyes. Much better than Virat but I’ve to keep his eyes. How will I get rid of Roy’s mind? I was after that fair girl. I can’t do that, I will get caught. He washes his face. He has become Virat.

Nima sees his phone ringing. She says who is this Malik. She knocks on the door. Virat says I will call him back. Nima says who was this man calling Virat so late. She sees drugs in his drawer. Nima is shocked. Maniya calls Nima.

She says Priyal is in your house. I am so worried. Nima says he wants to keep her in front of our eyes so we can keep her in check. But something is wrong. We’ve to trust him. Maniya says he doesn’t feel like the same Virat.

Nima knocks on the door. He says she’s so annoying. He says I am fine, let me be. Roy comes out. He can’t find his lens. Nima asks what happened? He has hidden his eyes. He says I have an infection. You stay away from me.

You can catch it. I will go to the doctor. Nima shows his light and drink and says whose things are these? He says mine. I needed them to get rid of the pain. I wanted to punish myself for not saving you. I don’t need all this now.

Nima hugs him. Nima says some Malik was calling He says it’s Malik trading guy. Nima says you never used to take work calls at night. He says when I wasn’t working you had a problem and now too. Nima says why are you getting so angry. He says I am just tired. I wanna sleep only.

Nima sleeps at night. Virat looks for the other lens. He steals money. Nima comes. She says why is your eye closed? Mona shouts, as she drags Nima outside. Mona shouts at Nima. Nima asks what happened?

SHe takes her out. Nima says I didn’t know about all this. Mona says don’t lie. You thought you will set your Varun with my Chinkey. Do you have any shame? I saw Varun trying to trap my Chinkey. Nima says I didn’t know about it. Mona says you’re his stepmom. Chinkey says mummy you didn’t know either why are you accusing her. Nima says don’t shout Chinkey. She says I didn’t know.

He will never message or call Chinkey again. I am sorry on his behalf. Gulshan says I know you can never do anything like that. Mona says you’re supporting her? Alok says don’t forget all your sister did to Nima and Priyal is still in this house. She never shouted at you. And Chinkey was equally involved. Mona leaves in ager. Nima thanks Alok and Gulshan for supporting her. Nima wonders why Virat didn’t say anything. She says your eye is okay? He says yes it’s okay now.

Scene 2
The next morning Nima thinks about everything. Gulshan says where are you distracted? You should rest for some days. Mona can handle things for a few days. Alok giggles. Virat comes in laughing with Virat. Gulshan says what are you doing here? Go to your room. Virat says she will eat with us.

Nima says what’s wrong with you. Virat says to Nima if we behave well with her she might change. Virat says we will all trust you. Don’t do anything wrong now. Nima says to Virat later I want to talk to you. He says I have to go. He leaves.

Maniya says aai is in so much trouble how can we shift to London? Paras says we’ve to go there for our business. I don’t wanna go without you. Maniya says I’ve to be there for aai. Paras calls Nima. Mona says to Priyal I am happy you’re back. You only answered Nima back. Nima says have some shame. All that love was a drama? Mona says yes. She’s my blood. Priyal says Virat is my love.

Maniya comes in. Maniya says what is going on? Priyal is very dangerous. I can’t leave you here. Nima recalls Paras said they need to shift to London. He asked her to convince her. Nima says this is Virat and my plan We don’t want her to plan more things. People change, like Tulika, Sunita, and Paras’s family did. you should go with Paras. Move ahead in life. Maniya says what about you? Nima says I can handle things.


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