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Nima Denzongpa 6th July 2022 Virat says I’ve decided to sell a chemical factory. Everyone is shocked. Alok says Virat how can you do that? Shiv says but it’s in profit. Virat says shut up. Don’t talk when I am talking.

This is my factory and my decision. Alok says please rethink. Alok says I don’t want anyone’s suggestions. I’ve made this decision. Cooperate with the new management. I am leaving. He leaves. Roy is on the way.

He says Nima threw all my drinks. How did Virat live iwth him. Poor soul. He gets drinks. Priyal sees him. She says I came out for a walk. He says how did you come out? She says because of you. He says I would keep your in front of my eyes. Priyal hugs him. Nima sees them. She’s shocked. She calls the inspector and says I’ve sent you the driver’s photo. Nima makes their video.

The rickshaw driver drives past them. Virat shouts at him. Nima asks him to drive fast. Priyal stops Virat. He says your smile makes my mood better. Priyal says I can’t believe you’re being so good to me. Will you go back to Nima? He says don’t take her name. Let’s go.

Scene 2
Sunita asks Varun where were? He says I.. Sunita slaps him and says have some shame. Did you flirt with Chinkey? Didn’t you think about Nima? He says she is just a friend. I didn’t say anything to her. She says you will go to your mom and dad. Take this train ticket and leave. Varun cries.

Nima is worried about what’s happening. Alok comes. He says I came to speak to Virat. Is he not here? She says no. Alok asks are you okay? She said yes. Alok says I am your big brohter. You can always share any trouble with me. Nima says I was just missing Krish. He says your brother is always there for you.

He says to give this file to Virat for signature. Nima finds a bag in the closet with hair and lenses in it. She sees a diary with family photos and names and Nima’s family. Nima is confused. She says all this information about all of us? Why? She sees Roy Kumar’s ID. Nima is shocked.

Nima says this means the person living with us isn’t Virat. He’s an impersonator. She recalls everything. Nima says I don’t find the truth, I have to pretend I don’t know anything.

Roy comes to the room. He says why are clothes on the floor? She says I am cleaning the closet. He says okay. Nima hides the bag. She says I can’t trust anyone. I have to find out what’s happening.

Priyal tells Mona Virat gave her that teddy. She says Virat loves me. Mona says he doesn’t love you. He’s married to Nima. Priyal says he doesn’t like Nima. Priyal says he said this, he is done with her. Mona says don’t be crazy. Priyal says it is almost 5.

Scene 3
Paras hugs Maniya and says I am so happy you agreed. She says I was worried for aai but she said she can manage. He says I will book the tickets. Let’s have a small party in your home. Maniya says let’s go to Sunita’s home tomorrow. Roy sees Nima sleeping. He says it’s 12. He goes out. Nima follows him.

He goes to Priyal’s room. Nima says now I know what’s happening. Virat comes back to the room. Nima is up. She asks what happened? She says you’re not sleepy either. Let’s have tea. She gives him a tea cup. Nima added Kesar in tea because Virat was allergic to it. Roy drinks the tea. He says my chest hurts. He coughs.

Nima says are you okay? I shouldn’t have added Kesar. He burps and says what happened? I am fine. He drinks the tea.

Nima says in her heart this means I was right. This isn’t right. He’s someone else. She goes to the restroom and says what will I do now. How dangerous is he? Who do I tell? Nima cries. She says where is Virat? She sits in shower crying and missing Virat. She recalls that accident. Roy says are you okay?

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