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Nima Denzongpa 7th July 2022 Nima cries inside the shower. She says I can’t be weak. I’ve to find the truth and Virat. Nima pretends normal in front of Roy. Many calls Nima and says we’ve booked flights for tomorrow.

Let’s have dinner at Sunita’s place. Let me tell Virat too. Nima says I will tell him. Don’t worry. She says okay you talk to him. She says to Virat that Maniya wants to alk. He says who Maniya? Nima says, my daughter.

He says I was joking. He speaks with Maniya. Maniya says we’ve dinner in the basti house tonight. You’ve to come. He says I have a lot of work. Maniya says we will leave for London. He says I will try.

He says to Nima I can’t go. I’ve important work. Nima says I understand but I am shocked since when has work become more important than family for you? He says you always give lectures. Alok says Nima is right. What’s wrong with you. You feel like a stranger. I know you went through trauma but my brother kept family above everything. Roy says okay I will go. Alok says good. Nima says how do I tell him he’s not Virat.

Scene 2
Sunita calls Suresh and says he left. I was strict with him. He will be at your place by tonight. Keep him busy with work. Tell me when Varun reaches. Bell rings. Chinkey is outside. Sunita says you. She says Varun isn’t replying.

Can I talk to him? Sunita says you shouldn’t have come here. Your mom will be so mad. Varun lied to you, why did you come here? Chinkey says he’s my best friend. No one cared for me as he did. I know he lied, I was mad but I’ve made many mistakes too. I want my friend. Sunita says it’s too late. You should go home too.

Scene 3
Priyal says to Roy how can you go there. You said you love me. HE says I am being forced to go. If I don’t my truth will be out. She says what truth? He says that I love you. He hugs her. Mona is shocked. Nima comes out. MOna distracts her. Nima and Roy leave. She says you never listened to such songs. Malik calls.

He cuts the call. Nima says he’s an important client pick it. He says I will pick later, don’t tell me what to do. He forgets his phone in the car. Nima takes Malik’s number. Roy comes back to take his phone.

Nima says sorry I shouldn’t have interfered. Virat says what kind of place is this? She says have you never been here before? Sunita asks Virat cold drink? He says it’s time for a hard drink and you’re talking about a cold drink? Sunita says we don’t drink here. Nima says where did Varun go? IT feels empty without him.

Nima asks Sunita did he go because of me? Sunita says he should stay with Suresh and learn something. She asks Nima how are you? I am always worried about you. Thank God Virat is with you. Nima says Virat is with me. Don’t worry.

Mona says to Virat I can’t believe Virat is in love with you now. Priyal says don’t jinx. Mona says what’s going on. Paras asks Virat why is he selling his profitable company? Roy says are you crazy? Is this a place to discuss work? He laughs and says I mean we should have fun right. Dinner? Sia says let me serve.

Nima prays to God to show her the way. She says who is that Malik. Maniya asks Nima what ar eyou hiding? There’s something. The paper with Malik’s number falls from her hand and gets stuck in a bike, Nima runs after him. Maniya asks what is going on? Nima says nothing. I wanted to gift you something.

Maniya says Virat is acting so weird. He’s selling his business? Nima is shocked. Maniya says you didn’t know? Something is wrong. Nima says no it’s not important to discuss business with his wife. Maniya says Virat used to discuss everything with you. Nima says don’t worry. Maniya says swear on God everything is fine. Nima says everything is fine, trust your mom. She hugs her.

Virat says the place was too bad but the food is good. Nima says I’ve to find the truth before he sells the business. Sunita asks them to stay. Virat says I’ve work to do. I can’t be poor like his. Nima says let’s take a selfie. She asks Virat for his phone. He says let me take it. He takes a selfie with everyone.

Nima and Roy are on the way. She wonders how to get the number. She pretends she’s not feeling well. She says I want water. She pretends she’s gonna puke. He stops the car and goes to get water. Nima takes his phone. Virat comes back and asks what are you doing on my phone? She says I was gonna give it back. He takes it. Nima tries to recall the number. She says the last digits were 5632.

Scene 4
Roy and Nima come home. Priyal says come play cards with us. He says yes. Nima says can I play too? Mona says do you even know how to play? Roy says come. Mona says let’s order kulfi. She says I forgot my password. Priyal says it’s your name and your number’s last 4 digits 5632. Nima is shocked.

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