Nimki Vidhayak 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 13th August 2019 Episode Start With Ramla says this food isn’t good, I would make better. Nimki says this is good. Nimki says Mono come to eat. Mono sits with them. Mauha calls on phone. Nimki says why is she calling. Ramla says she might wanna talk to mono. Mauha keeps calling. Nimki says pick it. Mono says you scolded. Mono picks the phone and says I will call you back. Nimki says tell her not to call you again and again.

Mauha says she must be near mono, he didn’t even talk to me. My brother is in patna and I can’t even meet him. Tune says you know he can’t meet you here alone. Mauha says I can meet him outside. He is my brother. Nimki considers me her enemy. Tune says eat, please. Tune says she thinks we aren’t on her side. She is busy in her life. She is an MLA now. She doesn’t need us. You are studying here. I am working, everything is going good. Why do you wanna mess everything now? See what I got for you. She says the tennis ball? How do you know. He says I know you are playing tennis in college. He says to take part in the competition. She says I can’t. I just play to distract myself. He says you can win. Mauha says you’re getting in the office but you’re not getting it. He says Nimki would be there. I can’t see her face every day. Would you? Mauha says I have to go to the hostel. She leaves.

Nimki looks at their old photos. She recalls mauha saying I don’t wanna live with you.
Mono reads. He is studying with his tutor. Nimki walks outside. She recalls her moments with her family. Mono says where did you go. Ramla and Mono see nimki in the street. Nimki says thank God you came papa. I was alone. ramla says what are you doing here on the street. She says I thought I should spend some time with papa. I got papa back in this wheelchair. You can go to your sister. I dont’ care. Mono says no. Ramla says he is your brother. Nimiki says he was. Now he is my papa’s last sign. What would I say to papa if I lose him. Mono hugs her and says I would neve leave you alone. Nimki says tomorrow is my first day in assembly and I don’t even have a dress. Take me to a tailor please.

They come to the tailor. Nimki says have you forgotten your people from village? You have to stitch my saree. He says okay I would do it. Nimki says to check on the internet how to make it. I will get you contacts from 200+ MLAs. Nimki says you would get so famous. He says I will make it don’t worry.
Nimki waits all night for her dress to be stitched. She recalls when babbu raped her. Ramla says your dress is ready.

Scene 2
Nimki wears her saree and says how am I looking? Rama says you look like heroin. Nimki says let’s go I am getting late. Ramla does her arti. Nimki sees a gift box outside. She says abhi sent it.. He still hasn’t forgotten. Nimki opens it. There is a name plate that says MLA Nimki.

Nimki Vidhayak 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Nimki comes to the assembly. she says I would have my name in the hall of fame.


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