Nimki Vidhayak 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Minto asks Nimki to not show her face again, I want you to make mistakes alone, this is your fault. Nimki turns to leave. Dadi comes there.

Dumri acts like getting ill. The doctor asks her to calm down.

Dadi asks Nimki why she is here again? I will call the police. Minto says let it be, I have told her to not show her face again. Nimki turns to leave but Abhi comes there and says we are sorry. You have to understand that it’s not easy to make Nimki say sorry but she said it, she realized her mistake, she was restless to meet you, you don’t understand how she bears your face, did you know what Babbu did with her that she hates his face? Why she got so angry seeing you near Mahua. Nimki tries to stop him but Abhi says Babbu raped Nimki. Minto is shocked to hear it. Abhi asks him now you understand how she is trying to forget her past and you bring it back, you don’t understand her pain.

Abhi tells him everything from Nimki’s wedding to Mai’s cruel behavior to Babbu insulting her to her fighting back in the end. Abhi says Nimki keeps smiling but you don’t understand her pain,. Babbu destroyed her life. Sweety says let it be. Abhi says look at her, she is Babbu’s sister, he didn’t spare her too. Still, Nimki is taking care of Mai, she saved your dadi, she changed her vote for your Dadi. Abhi tells Dadi that she and Minto are safe because of Nimki only. Nimki stopped poisonous IV from going inside Minto. Abhi says Nimki can’t bear wrong happening to anyone. Nimki says let’s leave. Minto says I didn’t know that. Nimki says I just came to say sorry, it’s your decision to forgive or not, she leaves.

Mahua stops Nimki and asks what happened? Nimki asks Dumri to stop doing drama now.
Abhi tells Minto that you came there on wrong time in front of the wrong person. Nimki struggled a lot but she is still fighting, you can’t behave like this with her, she is trying. I just wanted you both to know what this is not right. He leaves from there. Minto and Dadi look on.

Scene 2
Ganga is listening to classical music. Parag comes there and says if Minto opens his mouth then what will you do? Ganga says the police won’t let him open his mouth. Parag says he can destroy your plan. Ganga says don’t use your mind. Parag says I will do things as I want.

Sweety tells Abhi that you didn’t have to say bad words about Babbu, he said sorry to her and everything became fine between them. Abhi says that doesn’t change the fact that he raped her. Sweety says he left this world and you are increasing my pain. Abhi says that’s the truth and you have to understand that this Minto is not your brother. Sweety says you won’t understand the pain of losing your family.

The police ask Minto where was he taking the girl? Did Nimki shoot him for a good reason? Nimki hears it and looks on.


Nimki Vidhayak 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahua tells Nimki that Parag was cursing before she was kidnapped. Tunee says we should be going behind that Parag. Nimki says we will find proofs against him.


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