Nimki Vidhayak 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Nimki looks at Mai and says I have to take you home, I don’t have another option. Minto sees her and smiles as Nimki acts tough. She goes in Mai’s room and dances with her. Minto and Dadi smile at her.

Dadi looks at her bandaged head and says I don’t like it. Nimki makes her wear a bandana and dances with her.

Mai dances with Nimki and says I am going home with you and Babbu, we will live together. Nimki looks on.

Dadi tells Minto that I said many words to Nimki and she did so much for us. Minto says there is no one like her. Dadi says you should thank her, welcome her here and we will thank her. Minto says I will invite her for a tea. Pishko teases him.

Nimki comes home. Tunee asks what happened? Nimki says Mai have been good with me, I am thinking to bring her home. Minto comes there. Mahua tells Nimki that Mai can hurt you when she becomes fine, don’t bring her here. Nimki says I am not taking permissiong, I am bringing her home and that is final. Mahua says I won’t let you. Nimki says what did you say? Minto drops the sweets and says sorry, I came to meet Nimki. He says to Nimki that Dadi is missing you. Mahua takes laddos from him and says I will make tea for you. He says it’s okay. Dumri is tensed around him. Nimki asks her to bring refreshments. Minto looks around and says you have a nice house. He tells Dumri that you didn’t faint today seeing me? Dumri says I know that you are not Babbu. Minto greets Mono but he is scared. Nimki says you can greet him. Mahua says he is shy. Nimki says come Mono. Mono shouts no, I don’t want to meet Babbu. Nimki says this is Minto. He says no. Mahua says he is not Babbu, he saved me too. Tunee says look at him, he is so innocent, he can’t be Babbu. Minto acts like Babbu and scares Dumri, all are scared. He laughs and says I am Minto. He says Nimki made me learn how to become Babbu. Nimki says you are not like Babbu. Dumri says then how is he? Nimki asks Minto to leave. Minto says bye to Mono, Mono smiles and waves at him.

Nimki talks to Minto. Minto says to Nimki that I heard you talk about Mai, Nimki says you are listening to my family talks? Minto says you want to fight over that too? listen to me, your family is right, you have done a lot for Mai, let me do it for her too as you have taken care of Dadi. Nimki says what will you do? Will you take her home? You have done enough but I can’t ask you to take this burden for life, when Mai becomes fine then she will have to accept the truth so take care of Dadi alone. Minto says that you took Dadi’s life decision and I didn’t say anything so can’t you give me right to help her? Nimki says I don’t give right of my life to anyone.


Nimki Vidhayak 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mai tells a patient that her son and daughter in law are coming to take her. Other patient says they don’t come, they keep promising only. Minto hears it and tells Pishko that Nimki saved my Dadi so I will help her at any cost.


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