Nimki Vidhayak 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Nimki Vidhayak 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Nimki Vidhayak 8th November 2019 Episode Start With Speaker starts counting the votes and says we have got 120 votes for yes and we have got 123 votes for no. Ganga is shocked. Nimki looks on. Shukla claps. Speaker says this means that the current government will continue to rule till its end time. All congratulate Shukla. Mishra tells the speaker that something must be wrong. Ganga leaves from there. Nimki looks on.

Mishra tells Ganga that how could this happen? We had the allies. Ganga says you have to handle the media first, it’s about my name.Parag gets angry hearing the news and says I won’t spare them.
Minto’s friends got to know that Shukla won. Pishko says Nimki must have saved us.

Nimki calls Pishko and asks if Dadi is home now? Pishko says yes, she is resting, you are a heroine for saving her life. His friend says sorry to her. Nimki says it’s okay. She ends call them and says Dadi is safe. Mauha says Dadi is home? Nimki says yes.

Scene 2
Dadi looks at Minto’s photo and recalls her moments with him. She cries and says I have to talk to Minto and tell him that his love will give me strength, where is he? She calls him but he doesn’t pick up.

Pishko tells his friend that where is Minto? Dadi comes there and asks where is Minto? Pishko says don’t worry, he will come soon. Dadi says he didn’t even tell you? Dadi asks people around but no one has seen him. Dadi gets a headache.

Nimki and others hear the news. A reporter asks Ganga. Ganga says people were trusting us but they have cheated. Reporter says you were sure of winning then what happened? Ganga leaves without answering. Abhi says government got 123 votes so someone else must have changed their vote too. Nimki says I don’t know but Ganga will find out that I didn’t vote for her. Abhi says don’t worry. Mauha says you did all that to save Dadi. Nimki says I am happy for her but I could have become a minister too. Mauha says you are worried about your position? Abhi says she saved Dadi’s life, can’t you see that. Nimki says she doesn’t see that. Mauha leaves.

At night, Ganga is playing her piano. Parag is angry and grabs Mishra, he asks what happened with your planning? We lost with you here? Mishra says some people cheated us. Parag points a gun at him.

Tunee asks Nimki to not worry about Mauha, Nimki says I need tea. Tunee says I will make it.

Parag asks Mishra to tell him who didn’t vote for us? Ganga says Nimki changed her vote.


Nimki Vidhayak 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi grabs Shukla and asks where is Minto? I won’t spare you. Minto’s friend calls Nimki and tells her. Nimki says we have to deal with him now.


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