Pandya Store 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 10th July 2021 Episode starts with Kamini asking Rishita to accept the gifts. She says you can ask for anything, your dad can spend a lot on you. She thanks Gautam for inviting her. Prafulla says you invited them and didn’t invite me. Jagat says its my sister’s house, we don’t need special invitation. Kalyani gives the ATM card to Rishita. She says you can withdraw money anytime you want. Rishita thanks them. Krish says you should have given it before. Dev says Rishita, return the card. He says thanks, but we don’t want the card and gifts, just bless us. Rishita says they are my mum and Bua, they can give me gifts. Dev says thanks but we don’t want anything. He returns the jewellery also. Prafulla asks why aren’t you taking it, at least let Raavi take it. She asks Kamini to show her the necklace. Shiva says we love you a lot, we will take it from you when we want. He asks the men to take it home, Kalyani has a big heart. He says you can take transport money from us. Kamini says we had got gifts for you with love, we thought our distance will end, maybe your Sasural doesn’t accept it, we got insulted again.

Kalyani says take care. Dev signs her to leave. Rishita cries and runs after them. Suman says let her go, Dev. Rishita says sorry, I didn’t know. Kamini pushes her down. She says you ruined our respect, my political career was at stake, I saved it by much difficulty, Janardhan should have been childless than having a daughter like you, we won’t care even if you die. Rishita cries. Prafulla says I will also leave now, its late. Suman asks did anyone stop you. Dhara asks Prafulla to have food and go. Kalyani cries. Rishita holds her. Kamini asks Kalyani to come. Rishita says please don’t go. They leave. Dev comes and hugs Rishita. She cries.

Raavi says Rishita looked upset. Shiva says so should we have kept the gift. She says talk to me well, you were saying something. Shiva says I m feeling strange when I m having food prepared by you, do you add something in it. She says yes, some poison, see its getting on your head. She goes. Shiva says I think her poison is really getting on my head. Rishita asks Dev to go and return all the gifts, she had bought it with her dad’s money. She says you will sleep on the floor now. She goes. Dev worries.

Suman greets Dhara. She does the aarti. Dhara asks what are you doing, if I made a mistake, then punish me. Suman says you don’t ask me, you invited Janardhan’s family. Dhara says no. Gautam says its not Dhara’s mistake, I invited them, I saw them in the market, Dhara didn’t invite them. Suman says you both are Maha Saas, leave me in ashram, you both manage the house, but I won’t go to ashram, I will be in the room. Dhara says Rishita was happy seeing her mum. Suman says but I got upset, don’t show me your face. She goes. Gautam says we will unite Rishita and her mum, Suman will be happy too. He jokes.

Janardhan scolds Kalyani. Kamini says no use to cry, Rishita won’t come back, she tried to ruin my political career, I tried to control damage by getting pics clicked in function today. Janardhan says I can do anything to teach them a lesson. Shiva sees Gautam and Dhara sleeping in the hall. He says Gautam and Dhara will have their bedroom, they won’t need to sleep in the hall. He smiles thinking of Raavi. Raavi thinks where did he go, everyone would have slept. She comes. He touches her and sees. He says she is really here. She asks what are you saying. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to look for you. He says I m not lost, go and sleep. She asks why do you care. He says don’t eat my brain. She goes.

Its morning, Dev comes to Shiva’s room. He sprinkles water on his face. Shiva wakes up and says I want to sleep. Dev says I want to show designs of Dhara and Gautam’s room. Shiva says show me. They see the designs. Shiva asks about Rishita. Dev says her anger will take time to calm. Shiva likes a design. Dev says it will cost around 1.5 lakhs. Shiva says its good, I will come and talk to Gautam. Dev says be ready, I will just come. Raavi comes. Dev moves aside and asks her to go. Shiva smiles seeing her.

Shiva and Raavi argue. He says throw the smoke pan outside. Baawra mann… plays. He holds her. She says I will get a burn. He coughs a lot. She pats on his back. He throws the smoke pan outside. He goes for a bath. He asks who is inside, bathroom is to bath, not sleep. He knocks the door. Rishita comes out and argues with him. He says your room is the biggest, Dhara sleeps in the hall, she should complain about personal space. Dev says Shiva, not a word more.


Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi meets her friend. Her friend asks why were you helpless to marry this jungle man. Shiva gets angry.


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