Pandya Store 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 10th November 2021 Episode starts with Dhara leaving for home. Gautam and Anita get down the auto. Hardik sees them. Gautam asks her not to let Prafulla see the file. Anita asks him not to worry. Hardik goes to Gautam. Gautam teases him about Anita. Hardik says stop nonsense, from where are you both coming now. Gautam thinks how shall I tell him now. He says I met her on the way.

Hardik says I will tell Dhara. Gautam asks him to go and tell. Hardik goes to meet Dhara. He gives her icecream. She eats that and cries. He asks are you fine, why are you crying, tell me if you have any problem. She says I don’t know, I want to cry, don’t worry, I m fine. He says you are giving me tension, tell me, did you have a fight with Gautam. She says he has no time for me, he roams here and there.

Hardik says he stays with Anita also. Gautam comes and looks on. Dhara says he lied to me, then Anita lied, you are lying now, he would have stayed with her 10 years back if he wanted, he never liked to spend time with her, he can forgive her for what she did, but he can’t forget it. Gautam signs Hardik to see. Hardik says I m saying the truth, I saw them together. She says he told me the same, you are also lying, go now. She sees Gautam. She says you involved my brother in your lie, very good. Hardik scolds Gautam and goes.

Dev and Rishita argue about the washing machine. She says you refused to take the gift. Dev says your family’s gifts won’t come in my house. She says this house is mine also, if we get divorced in future, then its my right to ask for this house’s share, I m not foolish like Raavi. He worries. She says its my decision to accept gifts or not, you have no right to refuse. He asks her to think of husband’s esteem, no gifts will come, else he will always refuse. She goes.

Krish thinks to send a friend request to Kirti. The request goes. She accepts it. He says Rishita will know about it. He sleeps. Gautam sees Dhara crying. He asks what happened. She says I have seen you in an auto with some girl. He says Dhara… She says don’t lie, I heard you talking to her, what are you hiding from me. He says you want to hear the truth, I love you, I went to meet Anita at the coffee shop, you won’t see this truth because of doubt. She asks why did you meet her. He says she wanted to discuss about a business, she wanted to show me some file. She says I will get ready, we are getting late for the hospital.

Shiva teaches Raavi how to start a bike. She starts the bike. She asks him to sit behind. He sits and holds the handle. He asks her to be careful, and not rush. She says you are rushing. He says try again. She stops the bike again. He asks don’t you understand. She says no, how will I learn so soon. He says last try, then I won’t teach. Prafulla sees them and shouts. She asks did you go mad to give the bike to Shiva.

Raavi says please, don’t come between husband and wife’s matter. Prafulla says you will get divorced and come to my house, I have a right. Raavi says your house is mine, I m your daughter, until I m Shiva’s wife, his house is also mine, I have a right to decide, I will learn bike driving from him. Prafulla says he moved on with Disha, you are wasting time on him.

Dev is at the construction site. He argues with the man. The man says boss told us, the map is changed. Dev asks who is the boss. Rishita comes there. He takes her aside. He says store will be made according to this map, contractor will be confused if you give another map. She says its my company money, I have to see its right utilization. They argue. He asks her to leave. She says I also have a right to stay here, I won’t go. The man asks about the door. She asks the man to ask Dev, its his store.


Pandya Store 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says that nurse is hiding something from me, if anything happens to our baby, then I will die.


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