Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Episode starts with Raavi lying to the family about Arnav. She says he is a little boy who wants to become a social star. Everyone looks at Dhara. Dhara says I understand, but I won’t go, Suman catches my lie, who will do the puja arrangements. They ask how will we take her out then.

Dhara says we will ask Kanta. Krish says its no use. Dhara and everyone ask Krish to take Suman out. Suman talks to her husband’s pic and says your children don’t remember my birthday, maybe they want to surprise me, I will go and check. Pandit comes and says Suman called me.

Dhara asks does she know about our surprise. Gautam says maybe she called him to do a puja on her birthday. Rishita and Dhara ask pandit to go to temple. Suman comes. They all hide the decorations. Rishita asks pandit to leave.

He goes. Suman gets angry seeing them. Rishita asks Dhara to make khichdi today. Suman gets sad and says I don’t want to stay at home. Dhara asks where are you going alone. Gautam says we are going to the shop. She gets angry on them. She says I won’t say where I m going. She leaves.

Dhara says I feel sad for Suman. They all plan the surprise. Suman is sad. She says they forgot my sweet 60 birthday. The neighbor ladies wish Suman on her birthday. Suman says thanks, how did you remember.

The lady says my grandson was born on your birthday last year. Suman thanks them. The lady asks about the party. Suman says I asked the family to leave the party, just have a darshan in the temple to cut down the costs. The ladies leave.

Rishita asks what plan do you have. Shweta says nothing. She thinks Rishita always keeps an eye on me. She says I will feed Chiku and come. She goes and talks to her friend on call. Her friend asks her not to worry, everything will happen as planned.

Dhara and Raavi do the puja. Raavi says if Suman comes here, then don’t tell her that this puja is for her. Pandit says sure, you can give the children’s names also to get blessing. Suman comes and looks on. She thinks what are they doing, they want to surprise me, they kept a puja, shall I spoil their surprise or not.

Dhara tells the names of the family members. Raavi tells the last name, Sanchi Pandya. Dhara says we gave you all the names. They leave. Suman cries. She says they forgot my name in the puja. She cries. Krish says this is almost done. Shweta gets the juice drinks. Gautam says its really tasty, thanks.

Rishita says don’t get emotional, she has just nine days left now. Shweta slips and falls in Krish’s arms. She says sorry. He says my clothes got spoiled, its okay, I will change and come. Dhara prays that everything goes well. Shweta goes. The family is busy in arrangements. Krish changes clothes. Chiku cries.

Krish asks why are you crying, I m here. He takes Chiku and asks him not to cry. Rishita stops Dev and asks Shweta to see Chiku. Shweta goes upstairs. She takes Chiku from Krish. He says thank God, you have come. He covers himself with the blanket and runs out. She gets a call. Her friend says message me when you get the cake. Dhara makes Chiku ready. Shweta comes.

Dhara asks will you forget me, you are my life. Shweta says I wish Dhara really adopts him. Rishita says wow, this is so beautiful, come, we will take a pic, perfect. Dev says we have to surprise mum. Rishita says I know. Dev says we will switch on the lights when Suman comes, she will like it.

Shweta holds Dhara. Dhara says I was making him ready, he is ready. Shweta asks him to adopt Chiku. Dev asks Krish to go and get the cake. Rishita says I will get the bill from Dhara. She hears Shweta asking Dhara to adopt Chiku,

no one can handle him in a better way. Rishita says if this is a joke, then its really disgusting, what do you want, why are you playing with Dhara’s emotions, I never saw any mum handing over her baby, if you can do this, then today is the best day, we will talk to your parents and give Chiku’s legal custody to Dhara, I will call them. Shweta worries.

Rishita thinks her intentions are not right, I wish I know her truth. Shweta thinks my plan will fail, I have to stop her. She says no, I was just pacifying her. Rishita says we don’t want false hope. She asks for cake bill. Dhara gives the bill. Rishita warns Shweta. She says Dhara loves Chiku a lot, don’t misuse her love. She goes.


Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta thinks its time to execute my plan. Everyone eats the cake. They all fall asleep. Shweta looks at them.


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