Pandya Store 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Raavi getting stuck on the road. She scolds the driver for driving such damaged car. He asks her to go home by walk, her house is nearby. She holds her slippers in hand. She tries to get a rickshaw. She says my phone got dead. Everyone sits to dine.

Rishita asks about Raavi. Shiva says she has no time to call. She says if I had done this, then everyone would have scolded me. Raavi comes home. Suman says you got late. Raavi says yes, Shiva give me a glass of water, I m really tired. Suman scolds Raavi. Shiva says I will get water for her. Rishita says its fine, she just asked for a glass of water. Dhara says let it be, I will get the water.

Rishita says don’t cover up, we women also do the work, what’s the problem if men work, Dev works for me, Raavi came from outside, she is tired after work, can’t she ask her husband for water. Suman gets angry on Raavi. She says its not her tiredness, her money is talking. Shiva gets water. Suman stops him.

Shweta’s mum asks her to see Raavi’s videos, her mood will change. Shweta stays sad. Her mum says we had seen such a house’s dream for you, see, it’s a good family. Shweta says I will see later. Suman says you are showing that you earn more than him. Dhara says its not a big thing. Rishita says it’s a big issue for a son’s mother, will you react like this if Chiku’s wife asks him for water. Dhara says no way, I won’t react this way. Dhara sees the video.

Shweta gets shocked seeing Chiku with Raavi. She says he is my baby. Dhara says these three are my sons, I taught them to do all the work in the house, they have always helped me in every work. Suman says you spoiled them, so they are ordering my sons. Rishita says don’t worry, no one will order your sons, Raavi this issue started because of your work. Gautam signs Dev.

Rishita says husbands make promises in love, Shiva gifted an anklet to Raavi in love, but he can’t give a glass of water. Dev asks her to go and take rest. She says it’s a wife’s duty to obey her husband, I m going, get a cup of mango juice for me. Suman says you are talking a lot. Rishita says no, else I would have known that Raavi did a sin to ask for water. She leaves.

Shweta says I don’t know what to do, to stay with you or not, nothing wrong will happen with you, you got a good family. Her mum comes. Shweta gives the phone. She makes an excuse and leaves. Her mum checks the videos. She sees Chiku and thinks this locket, Shweta’s dad made it for her, Raavi is also from Somnath, it means this baby….

Suman says you would think I m old fashioned, its not that matter, there is a way to ask, when my sons can do all the work, then he can give water also. She scolds Raavi and goes. Shiva keeps the water glass in anger. The water splashes over Raavi. Raavi cries.

She says its my mistake. She goes. Dhara says such a small thing has created a big mistake. Gautam says its Shiva’s male ego. Dhara says no, matter is something else, he is angry on something. Shiva sees Raavi’s videos and smiles. Raavi comes. She says you have a problem in talking to me.

He says you have got attitude, I have a problem with it. She asks would I ask someone else for water, what wrong did I do. He says this is your thinking, you think I have a problem with this, we all work since childhood, your way was wrong. She says you think I m acting, my taxi broke down, my slipper broke,

I came here by difficulty. He says I also do work all day, you don’t ask me, you are not the old Raavi, you go away and I don’t know about you. She says my phone was off, I asked your help and you fought me, there is nothing left between us except fights. He says we fight since childhood, you provoke my anger, if I asked you about the guy, is it my mistake, you would have not asked me if you saw me with a girl.

She says I would have killed you both. Shiva and Raavi argue. Dhara comes there. Raavi says I m going to make tea for you, tell me if you want, my ego won’t get hurt. Shiva says my ego will be hurt if I have the tea by your hands, you are wrong, I won’t call it right. Dhara worries and thinks their fight is getting high, I have to do something.


Pandya Store 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva and Raavi argue. He comes in the party. The lady says Raavi is our heroine, everyone knows Shiva because of her. Shiva angrily leaves.


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