Pandya Store 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 11th January 2022 Episode starts with Anita stopping Raavi from going to Suman. She acts and makes excuses. Ward boy stops Suman. She beats him. He says stop it, there is fire in the A wing, your son has gone to call the doctor,

come with me, don’t shout. She says my useless son left me, you aren’t letting me meet my bahu, where is Dhara. Dhara sees the smoke and says fire. The hospital staff ask them to just come, there is fire in the hospital.

Rishita collides with someone. Tea gets spilled on her. She scolds him. He apologizes. She says I know the guys like you. She angrily goes. Krish comes to Suman. She slaps him and asks where did you go, tell me, where is the doctor. He says doctor will come later,

I have to go to A wing and come. She says I will be in tension. Shiva comes and asks are you fine. She says he got medicines. Shiva asks where is Dhara. Krish says there is fire in A wing, she is there.

Suman says wait, Gautam will bring her. She prays. Shiva asks where are Raavi and Anita. Suman signs there. The nurse takes the IVF area. Ward boy stops Shiva from going ahead. Shiva beats him. Suman says stop my son and show me. Shiva beats the other ward boys. Krish says no one can stop him.

Gautam sees Shiva and Krish fighting in the hospital. He worries. Rishita sees the same guy in the conference hall. She asks what are you doing here. The lady says he is the boss. The guy asks Rishita to call him Sagar. Rishita makes a sad face. Raavi says Gautam and Dhara came for a good work, I hope they get their baby this time. The file falls down. Raavi picks it. She doesn’t see Dhara’s name. Doctor comes.

Anita says I have much stomach ache, do something. Doctor asks Raavi not to worry. Anita sees the IVF box and thinks finally, Gautam’s baby will be in my womb. Rishita apologizes to Sagar. He says its okay, you should not judge anyone. She says it was the first day and meeting was lined. He says its okay, lets start fresh. She goes.

He smiles. Anita is taken. She gets Kamini’s call. Kamini says I have explained the doctor, don’t worry, you know who is there outside. Kamini says I have set Suman, you are going to become mum of Gautam’s baby, be happy, all the best. Shiva beats the ward boy. Gautam shouts Shiva. Suman sees Gautam. Gautam comes to her and asks are you fine.

She says just go and get Anita, Raavi and Shiva outside. Anita says my university friend is here, she called me. She gives the phone to the nurse. Raavi says don’t worry, your operation will go well. The nurse slips the box. She asks Raavi to hold the phone and file. She says I will keep this container and come.

Anita goes. Gautam asks Krish to come, what is he doing. He slaps Krish. He says its a hospital, there is fire caught up, its not a garden. Shiva comes to Raavi. She asks what are you doing here, is Dhara fine. Kamini calls Anita. Shiva sees the call and says where is she, call her out. Raavi says I don’t know, this is not my phone.

He says its Rishita’s Bua. She says its not my phone. He answers the call. They hear Kamini asking Anita about the work. Kamini says no one can stop you from becoming Mrs. Gautam Pandya. They get shocked.


Pandya Store 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva runs after Anita. Everyone looks on.


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