Pandya Store 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Jeevanlal running to his friends. He says they came in a team, we will also become a team. Dev scares them by driving a car. The man says there is no driver in that car, run.

Janardhan and Kamini come with Prafulla. Dev says Prafulla will ruin my plan, Janardhan will never leave me. Prafulla gets scared seeing Dev.

Janardhan and Kamini ask Dev what’s all this. Dev says its our matter, don’t interfere, we came to get out land back. Kamini says Prafulla called us here. Prafulla says you can’t fool the govt.

Dev asks them to come. He sprays pepper in their eyes and says you won’t die by this. He goes. Janardhan washes his eyes, and helps Kamini and Prafulla. Jeevanlal is pulled up by rope. He asks someone to save him.

Shiva scares him. Jeevanlal says forgive me, I don’t want to die. They all scare Jeevanlal. They ask him to return Shiva’s land. Jeevanlal says I don’t want the land, take it, put me down. He admits the truth. Raavi records the confession.

Jeevanlal apologizes. Shiva asks where are the fake papers. Jeevanlal says I will give it to you. Jeevanlal gets down. Dhara says we have to reach the police, before Prafulla reaches us. Raavi gets the papers.

Jeevanlal says so you all are not ghosts. Suman says no, but you are a devil, you will sell our land. Shiva jumps and laughs. He says I m Jeevanlal. Raavi says don’t try to run away, else we will show your truth to the police. They tie up Jeevanlal.

Janardhan, Prafulla and Kamini come there. Prafulla says you think you will get saved if you call police. Gautam says why did she get Janardhan. Prafulla says you cheated the law. Suman says she got wrong people today. Dev comes.

Prafulla asks Janardhan to call the police. Janardhan says I will call the police. Dev signs Gautam. They all trick Janardhan, Kamini and Prafulla. They take along Jeevanlal. They leave. Janardhan says they left. He follows their tempo. Dev says Janardhan will not leave me. Pandyas take Jeevanlal to the police station.

Kamini says they came here themselves. Janardhan says we will go and see the matter. Krish and Rishita come there. Rishita scolds Janardhan for always being against her family. Janardhan says she never believes us. They leave.

Jeevanlal is arrested. Shiva tells the truth to the police. Gautam says our intention was not to fool the govt., we wanted to sell the land and arrange money knowing Shiva is alive, Jeevanlal had grabbed the land, give us some time to sell the land and return the money.

Everyone requests the inspector. Inspector says we have heard about Gautam’s sincerity, but law is law, if we got a complaint against Shiva, then we have to put him in lockup, talk to the insurance company, if they don’t agree, then we have to take the complaint against everyone. They get shocked. Dev says we have called them, we are going to meet them, give us some time. Inspector says I m sorry. He asks constable to take Shiva.

Raavi hugs Shiva. She says we weren’t taking the money, that officer forced us to take it, please don’t lock Shiva. Shiva says I will come home soon, don’t worry. Rishita and everyone hug Shiva. Suman blesses him. He is put up in the lockup. Everyone cries.


Pandya Store 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandyas bring Shiva home. They dance on the dhol. Insurance officer comes home.


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