Pandya Store 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 12th September 2022  Episode starts with Rishita taking Chiku from Dhara, and giving him to Shweta. She asks Dhara to come, Chutki needs her. Raavi worries. Shiva asks what happened.

She says I m so tensed, Arnav isn’t answering, if the hacker does something then. He pacifies her. He says we will talk to Arnav tomorrow, mum’s birthday should happen well. She wears a black monkey cap and says I will hide my face from everyone. He says I m with you, I will answer the people, you don’t need to wear this monkey case, don’t worry. She smiles.

Kanta asks Suman to go home. Suman says my children didn’t come to find me. She gets sad. Gautam and everyone wait for Suman’s coming.

Kanta insists Suman and sends her. She calls Dhara and says Suman left from here, just be ready, I will also come in some time. Krish and Shweta keep the cake. He thanks her. She thinks finally cake has come, now Chiku’s kidnapping will happen through this, and I will get free. Everyone waits for Suman.

Guests come. Dhara says we can’t wait more, I will go and get mum. She sees Suman coming and asks them to switch off the lights. Suman comes home. She says what happened to the lights. She gets surprise seeing the lights coming and the lovely decorations for her birthday.

She sees the family. They shout surprise. They all sing happy birthday. Gautam gets her inside. They sing baar baar din …. Shweta sees the cake. She injects some medicine in it. She thinks sorry Chiku. Shiva asks Suman how did she like the surprise. Suman thinks to not tell them anything.

Rishita says she is totally surprised. Suman says no, I knew it, I had seen Dhara and Raavi at the temple, I was also acting. Kanta and her bahu come. Kanta says you were crying also in acting, you were going to go to old age home. Gautam asks did you get so upset with us. Rishita says sorry, we wanted to surprise you. Raavi and everyone pacify Suman.

Dhara asks where were you going leaving your children. Shiva says we don’t like anything without you. Dev asks how did you think of this. Rishita says you didn’t think of Chutki once. Krish jokes. Suman cries happily. Gautam says you are the soul of this house, a blessing for us.

They all say sorry. Suman asks for a group hug. They all hug. Suman tells about her husband and her romantic adventure. Everyone smiles hearing her. Shweta looks on. Suman shows the ring gifted by her husband. Krish jokes on Gautam. Arnav comes home. He goes inside. Shweta meets her friend.

She asks what’s this getup. Her friend says they have arranged a special performance for Suman, I will show my magic when the dance starts. Shweta says I don’t want any problem in Chiku’s kidnapping. Dhara asks Suman to cut the cake. Suman smiles. Suman wishes for the family. Shweta’s friend says its time to add a colour in this party. Suman cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Shweta thinks I will get freedom from this family.


Pandya Store 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone eats the cake. They all fall asleep. Shweta asks her friend to take Chiku and leave. Dhara asks Raavi what happened. She asks where is Chiku.


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