Pandya Store 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 13th August 2022 Episode starts with Raavi asking Dhara to get Shiva, else she won’t cut the cake. The lady asks is Shiva not happy with your new work, so he left the party. Shweta’s parents come to Pandya store.

Suman asks Kanta to ask her bahu to control her tongue. She scolds Kanta’s bahu. She says my sons aren’t jealous of their wives’ success, they support them. Dhara says don’t worry, I will get him. She goes.

Shweta comes there and stops her parents. She says its my life, I don’t want to tell you anything about my baby. Dhara shouts Shiva, and runs after him. Shweta gets shocked seeing her. She thinks I have heard her voice somewhere. Dhara asks Shiva to stop. She says getting jealous of wife’s success or getting ego hurt, I didn’t raise my child this way, when did you become such.

Shiva asks her to scold him, like she knows him this much. He says I love Raavi and want her love, what’s wrong, I support her, I went on her shoot also, when I asked her few things, she thinks I m suspicious. She says you are right but Raavi isn’t wrong, give her some time, she loves you.

He cries and asks her to go. She says don’t neglect love in anger, you have to attend the party today, its imp, her success is yours also, you are Raavi’s strength, not her weakness, I m going, I will wait, if you don’t come….. She leaves. Dev makes Rishita sit and rest. Gautam sees Raavi and calls Dhara. Rishita says I wish this is a false alarm. Suman and Kanta’s bahu’s argue. Dhara comes. She says Shiva will come.

The lady says Somnath has given you this Laddoo Gopal, even if its not Gautam and your child, you will be called his parents, you became Yashoda, if not Devki. Suman gets angry. Dhara says not everyone gets a chance to become Yashoda.

Suman says wow. Everyone claps for Dhara. Gautam and Dhara make the baby wea garlands. Krish plays music. He dances with everyone. Jitne bhi nachne saare…plays….

Dhara says Shiva will come. Everyone is dancing. Rishita says I m feeling stomach ache. Suman asks Dev to get lemon water. Dev asks her to take a deep breath. Shweta and her parents see the store locked. Shweta says its no use coming home, come home. Her mum says we will raise the baby if you don’t want to raise.

Her dad says we will take our grandchild. Shiva comes home. Raavi goes and holds Shiva’s hand. He says leave my hand. Dhara says nothing can happen of them. Raavi says thanks for coming, we will cut the cake now. Raavi and Shiva, Dhara and Gautam cut the cake. They all have the cake. Shiva says my anger didn’t get down, I will never insult you in front of people. She says its enough that you have come.

Shweta’s parents ask for Pandya house. Shweta acts of a stomach pain. Her mum says I know, you always have stomach pain whenever you have an exam, stand up and come with us. Suman says I have celebrations of double happiness today. Rishita says I think we will celebrate third happiness today. Suman says have patience. She says congratulate Raavi, she has become a social media sensation.

Everyone smiles. Suman says congratulate Gautam and Dhara, from tomorrow, they will become daddy mummy. Everyone claps. Shweta’s parents come. Suman says congratulate me, I will become Chiku’s Dadi. Shweta comes. Shweta’s mum says you can never become Chiku’s Dadi, he is our blood, I m her Nani. Dhara and everyone are shocked.


Pandya Store 14th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita feels the labour pain. Dhara is attending her. Shweta’s mum silently sneaks in and takes Chiku with her. Nobody sees her leaving.


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