Pandya Store 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 14th January 2022  Episode starts with Anita asking why did you cut my hair. She cries. Raavi slaps Shiva. Suman gets angry. Shiva pushes Raavi in anger. He says stay away from me, you are my entire family’s enemy from now,

get out before I do this with you. Raavi says I m not scared of you, fight is not a solution, I will call the police. Shiva says I will kill you all. Gautam beats him. Rishita stops Gautam. Suman scolds Gautam and cries. Gautam says he has gone mad, police will punish him now.

Anita thinks I will be caught first. She starts acting mad. Prafulla curses Suman. Suman curses them back. Police comes. Rishita asks Raavi why did she call the police, its a family matter, we will sort the matter. Raavi says no, its about a woman’s life and respect, Anita did wrong, but Shiva has insulted her, if he has a right to punish her, then I have a right to punish him.

They argue. Prafulla asks Inspector to arrest Shiva, he has cut Anita’s hair. She shows the video. Inspector slaps Shiva. Shiva gets arrested. He threatens Anita. Everyone leaves. Nurse says Dhara is missing. Doctor asks how can anyone go missing. Nurse says ward boy said he saw her going out, her husband went home to drop his mum. Doctor calls Gautam and says Dhara is missing, she went out. Gautam asks what, I will get your license cancelled if anything happens to her.

Dhara walks on the road and thinks of the baby dream. She cries and says why does this happen with me always. Anita gets angry seeing her hair and breaks the mirror. She cries seeing her hair. Prafulla comes and asks her to stop it now,

don’t do overacting at home. She scolds Anita. A couple cries and says our 6 months old daughter is missing. They ask the receptionist to find the baby. Dhara hears a baby crying. She goes to see. She finds the baby and hugs. She consoles the baby and sings a song.


Pandya Store 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara hides in the store with the baby. The baby cries. Kaka turns to see.


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