Pandya Store 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 14th July 2021 Episode starts with Shiva reading Raavi’s diary. He imagines her writing the diary and argues with her. He gets angry. Raavi wakes up. She takes her diary from his hand. The rose falls down. Dev lifts Rishita in arms and dances. Rishita asks what happened. Dev says I have seen something outside that I feel love for you, I have seen our future filled with romance, I just saw Gautam and Dhara romancing. Rishita says wow, its so beautiful. Dev says they love the family, the situation is such that they are sleeping outside. Rishita says I will never stay away from you, I love you Dev. Shiva says yes, I m illiterate, I will always stay the same. Raavi asks did you get drunk. She holds him. Dhara wakes up. She sees Shiva drinking alcohol. She gets angry and throws water at him. She is dreaming. She throws water on Gautam by mistake.

Gautam wakes up and asks what’s this madness. She says Shiva is mad. He asks what did Shiva do. Krish wakes up and asks when will you both sleep. Gautam says sleep now. Dhara says Shiva is drinking alcohol. He says I will see him. She says in my dream, he got spoilt, I got angry and threw water on his face. He pinches her and says come to senses, you threw water on me. She says sorry, I have to talk to Shiva. He says sleep now, else I will make you and Shiva leave the house. Krish says oust anyone, but let me sleep. She says sorry. Gautam says what’s happening in this house.

Raavi and Shiva argue. Shiva says I married you and ruined your life, I feel ashamed, I told you before that you are free to break this marriage and go, why didn’t you go, our relation is namesake, you get irritated at me, but I feel…. if you think I did wrong with you, then you also did wrong with me. She says you have always kept enmity with me, you scolded me today, I told all that to Sneha before marriage, you are really Jungly, else you would have not read my personal diary, I was feeling guilty all day, I don’t need to get upset for you. He says you are a crocodile to eat my happiness, you hate me, you go from here, your and my relation….

Raavi asks what. He falls down. She pours water on him. He still sleeps. She thinks you didn’t do right to look into my past life, its my mistake to keep this diary. She tears the diary. Dev says Dhara and Gautam should have their bedroom, its their right. He messages Shiva about Dhara and Gautam’s bedroom. Raavi goes to the kitchen. She says I have no feelings for Dev now. She recalls Dev and Shiva. Kise puchun….plays…. She burns the diary papers. A paper flies. She reads Shiva’s name on it. Shiva says its my mistake to ruin your life, I will always stay the same, I won’t change, you can go if you want, its time to change the path. Raavi cries thinking of Shiva.


Pandya Store 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A lady comes home. She asks Dhara about her pregnancy. Suman asks what do you mean, shall I get Gautam remarried. Gautam and Dhara get shocked.


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