Pandya Store 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Arnav talking to the inspector. Shiva is shocked to see everyone. He asks what is going on. Raavi says I don’t understand either, they aren’t getting up. Shweta’s friend checks her message. She thinks it can be risky to go to the hotel, I have to go to any Dharamshala. She asks the auto driver to take her to any Dharamshala. The driver stops the auto and says there is a check post here. She worries.

Constable asks from where is she coming. She lies. He permits her to go. Driver sees her. Doctor injects the medicines to everyone. Everyone gets conscious. Dhara asks Raavi what happened. Rishita takes Chutki. Shweta sees the nurse taking blood samples. Rishita asks how did this happen.

Raavi says I don’t know, when I came inside, you all were unconscious. Rishita asks didn’t you faint. Dhara asks where is Chiku. Shweta says I don’t remember. They all look for Chiku. Nurse goes to take Shweta’s blood sample. She pushes the nurse and shouts where is Chiku. She asks Raavi to say.

Raavi says he wasn’t here. Shweta says just recall, who took him. Doctor says police will do the work and find your baby, I want your blood sample. Shweta argues and says I will go to find my son. Constable stops her. Rishita thinks what happened to her.

Doctor says we will start the tests with the samples we got. Dhara consoles Shweta. Raavi says I didn’t find Chiku, and called the police. Dhara scolds her for carelessness. She goes. Everyone looks for Chiku. Inspector asks what did you eat that you all fainted, Raavi didn’t faint. Raavi says I had everything that they had. Dev asks her to recall, what she left. She recalls the cake. She says I didn’t eat the cake. Suman asks why didn’t you eat it.

Raavi says I went to meet Arnav. Suman asks who is Arnav. Shiva says cold drink vendor. Suman says cold drink vendor is Subhash, who is Arnav. Shiva says Subhash’s assistant, Arnav. They see Arnav. Suman says he is wearing good clothes. Arnav says these people are mad.

Rishita says you said Arnav is a little boy. Inspector says doctor said that the blood samples had traces of drug, kidnappers added the medicine in the cake to faint everyone. Dhara says Chiku is nowhere. He says we will find him. Dev says we have cctv cameras, did you check. Inspector says yes, its all disabled, we couldn’t get any footage. Shweta recalls removing the plugs.

Inspector asks who got the cake. Krish says I got it from my friend’s bakery, Shweta and I decorated it. Shweta says stop the cake enquiry, go and find my baby. Inspector says police knows the work. Dhara says I will go and get Chiku. Gautam says don’t panic. Inspector says we have got the cctv footage of the entire city, don’t worry, kidnapper will be caught.

Shweta’s friend sees the police looking for her. Dhara and Gautam leave. Shweta and others follow. Dhara asks the flower vendor. The man says I saw a lady taking him. Shweta worries.

She acts dizzy. Krish holds her. Gautam asks the man to come and tell the police. The man says I don’t know anything more. Krish says we have to take Shweta inside first. Dhara says I will find Chiku and come home. Gautam says come with us first, we will find him. Shweta’s friend pacifies Chiku.

Dhara runs to find Chiku. Raavi says Gautam already went. Dhara gets hurt running barefoot. She tries to find him. Shweta’s friend thinks to alert Shweta. She calls Shweta. Rishita asks Shweta to take the call, whose calls are coming at night. Shweta says marketing call. Rishita says you didn’t give the blood samples, right. Shweta says yes, I panicked, so they left.

Rishita says its fine, we will call them now, what happened, you got scared. Shweta says I have phobia, I feel scared seeing blood. Rishita says we are with you to take care.

Shweta asks what’s your problem, why are you troubling me, my baby is lost and you are questioning me, do one thing, get Chiku first and then call the doctor, you take the blood as much as you want. Raavi asks Rishita to forget it. Gautam and Krish come. He says Prakash saw the kidnapper, he helped in making a sketch, police is searching for her. Shweta thinks to talk to her friend.


Pandya Store 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta comes downstairs and says I m going back to my parents’ house. Her mom comes and argues with them.


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