Pandya Store 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 15th July 2022 Episode starts with Gautam saying you will compete with mom now. Dhara cries and says you think I m competing with mum, what shall I tell now. He says sorry, I didn’t mean that, make tea for me. She says make it yourself, I won’t make it. He says sure, where is the tea powder.

She says there. Raavi records them. Gautam asks for the tea pan and ginger. Dhara says its there. Raavi laughs. He asks for sugar. Dhara says its there itself, put the water. He asks where is the water. She says I didn’t make water today. Dhara says you can’t put much tea powder for one cup, let the tea boil first.

Raavi says Dhara and Gautam are fighting today, they never fight, it may be Gautam’s mistake. Rishita waters the plants. Krish gets coffee for her. She says I just had it, tell me, what did you want to talk, sorry, I can’t help you with money. He says I have come for a big thing, my personal matter, promise me, you won’t get angry. She asks him to say it fast.

He asks her to come and sit. He says I m in love with some girl. She starts laughing. He thinks what happened to her. She jokes on him. He says this is serious. She asks who is that girl, tell me, else I will go.

He thinks shall I tell Kirti’s name or not. Raavi says friends, we should do our work ourselves. Shiva comes to her and says I have some imp work. Raavi says do it later. She thinks why is he romancing live. She signs him. He says just check, I got a gift for you. She checks a mobile cover, and says its okay, not too good. He says shopseller said it’s the best, I will get the new one.

He sees the phone. He says we will go somewhere out. He gets angry and says I will throw the phone. She says just give me 5 mins, I will come. He goes. She says I will tell about that guy later. Shiva asks Dev to make his social media account.

Dev asks why, you want to see Raavi online. Shiva says she is always on phone, I want to see whats this social media. He says don’t worry, she will run after you. Rishita asks Krish to say, who is that girl. He says Kirti, I love her. She says wow, it’s a nice name like our Kirti, not her, right? He nods. She scolds him.

She goes. Dev clicks Shiva’s pic and asks him to smile. Rishita shouts to everyone, and calls them. They all come. Rishita asks Krish to tell Suman that he loves Kirti. Dhara says I had asked you that day, why didn’t you say the truth, answer me Krish.

Rishita claps and says wow Bhabhi, you knew about them and didn’t stop them. Dhara says its nothing like that, when I got to know, I went to talk to him, I asked him, he had sworn on me and lied.

Rishita says you believed him, you don’t want the families to have a good bond. Raavi says they love each other, you also loved Dev. Rishita says I don’t want the same thing to happen with my sister. Gautam says calm down. She says marriage won’t happen, I m not against love marriage, but why Kirti.

Dev says calm down, anger isn’t good for the baby. She asks him to ask Krish. Shiva says he is a fool to love Janardhan’s daughter. Krish shouts and argues. He says I love Kirti. Shiva scolds him. Krish pushes him and says stay away, you are my elder brother else… Shiva asks what else. Krish says I will raise hand. Shiva raises hand in anger. Raavi stops him.

Krish says no one had a problem with anyone’s love, everyone is against me. Rishita says don’t take Kirti’s name, we know the relations between the two families, you had to love her. He asks what’s the problem.

She says there are many problems, I had career aspirations when I fell in love with Dev, he was working, I saw my future safe with him, so I married him, he isn’t like you who takes pocket money from brothers, second problem is, this family tension wasn’t there, now the situation is bad, I m adjusting here since a year, my sister won’t do,

I don’t want her to adjust. Suman says you think your sister will get tortured, we have kept you so well, even then you are saying you are adjusting, fine, don’t know what will that girl say, I will refuse to that girl, I don’t like her. Dhara says calm down, everyone is angry. Rishita says no,

I know what I m saying, I won’t let Kirti and Krish get married, even if Kirti wants. Dhara asks her to calm down. Rishita says fine, I will calm down. She asks Krish to listen, he shouldn’t see Kirti again. She says you have no job, career and focus, you just want to marry. He says I will marry Kirti, I will see who stops me.


Pandya Store 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krish comes to meet Kirti and calls her out. Janardhan asks why are you calling her. Krish says I love your daughter and want to marry her, if you don’t agree then I will elope with her. Janardhan is shocked.


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